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Water Crisis Will End in an Equal Money Capitalism - Day 278


clip_image001Water Crisis Will End in an Equal Money System and within this Blog, I will show one Example of a Country that is suffering from Water Crisis due to Human Intervention of Power, Greed and Control. What one must Remember and internalize is that we are Dealing with Patterns and so, as I'm walking one Specific Example/Pattern, we could Learn and Externalize a Solution that is best for all, world wide. Our Starting Point and the Result must stand in Equilibrium in Establishing Harmony on Earth - Nature, Animal Kingdom and Human Beings.


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The Problem:


For further Context and thus Understanding, I suggest Reading:

the EJF 'White Gold' Report' (PDF)

Aral Sea – Save Aral Sea


And watching:

The Aral Sea story

The Shrinking Aral Sea - Uzbekistan

Aral Sea - Kazakhstan



Uzbekistan - The Death of the Aral Sea and the Cotton Industry


The Aral Sea started Shrinking around the 60's due to the Soviet Decision to Divert the water Resource to Irrigation. This is what Happened since:





And for a visual view watch the following short Video:



The Photos Speaks for themselves and the information you require to know about the problem was discussed in detail within the links I've added to the reading / watching list above.


To make a long story short - the consequences as we can see in the pictures above are just the tip of the Iceberg. As I continue walking and revealing the Problems in Uzbekistan, one would be able to see the patterns for what we have accepted and allowed within this world as a whole, directly and indirectly and within that, could see and have a greater understanding as to Why and How  the Lives of Humans, Animals and Plants are being Destroyed by Human Intervention based on "Wrongly" Management, Corrupted Politicians and Greed. However, bear in Mind that "Wrongly" Management, Corruption and Greed of those in Power and Control are the Mirror of what each and every one of us had accepted and allowed to live out, in secret, in side our own minds. Our 'Comfort zones', that things that 'blocks' our power to actually stand up for a world that is best for all is the proof of the Evilness both within and without - the Blame must stop now and from here, we must work with the Prevention Principle in making sure we stop the Continuation of abusive Consequences which would enable us to Create the Consequences that would manifest and result with an out come that is best for all lives, Equally.


Here, I will share a few disturbing highlights with regards to the Aral Sea Disappearance, based on the EJF Report which you can download - EJF 'White Gold' Report':


1. "Cotton production in central Asia has all but eradicated the Aral Sea – a vast area once the world’s 4th largest inland body of water and now reduced to just 15% of its former volume. Appalling mismanagement of this vital water resource – used largely for cotton production – by the Soviet authorities and their successors has led to the disappearance of the sea’s 24 species of native fish, the drying out of associated wetlands and the creation of thousands of environmental refugees, former dependents of the Aral’s riches. " (P.3)


2. "The primary cause of the Aral Sea crisis has been irrigation, mainly for cotton. In Uzbekistan, almost 20,000 litres are withdrawn for every kilogramme of cotton harvested. According to the World Bank, Uzbek farmers withdraw an average 14,000m3 (Cubic metre) of water for every hectare of irrigated farmland. With over 1.47 million hectares under cotton, Uzbek cotton farms consume over 20km3 of water every year."


3. "The environmental consequences are apparent over an area of approximately 400,000 km2. Within this vast area, falling downstream water availability and increased salinity have led to the shrinkage of wetlands and lakes by up to 85% …"  "...Desiccation has also reduced and fragmented the Tugai forests. Russian experts

estimate that in some parts of Uzbekistan as little as 15% to 20% of the Tugai forests remain. These unique riparian communities of poplar, willow, oleaster, and reeds once stretched along the Amu Darya covering an estimated 100,000 hectares. Populated by 576 plant species, including 29 endemic to Central Asia, the Tugai provided habitat for amphibians, reptiles and birds, as well as reed cats, jackals, foxes, badgers, voles, wild boars and deer. The Bukhara Deer (Cervus elaphus bactrianus), once found throughout the riverine ecosystems of Central Asia, now numbers just 300 Animals." (P.26)




4. A recent report by the World Bank states, ‘Irrigation and drainage infrastructure is beginning to fall apart. Canals are silted up or damaged, gates are broken or non-existent, and pumps held together by improvised repairs and parts cannibalised from other machinery. 'The Aral’s disappearance is a physical testimony

to the unsustainability of Uzbek cotton production "


As I've mentioned earlier - this, is just the tip of the Iceberg as I will show you in the Next Blog what are the Consequences that effect the lives of those who were able to 'Survive' the Environmental Catastrophe that were forced upon them.



The Solution:


We have reached a point of no Return as the Sea is already almost entirely gone. There are attempts to save the sea but so long as the Totalitarian Control is in place, the change won't be significant. Obviously, with the EMC, there would no longer be Totalitarian Government as it is clearly proven to be harmful, abusive and is part of the Disharmony that exists in this world.

In a system were Greed and Corruption are no longer Existent, we should really investigate our Consumption habits and within that, make informative Decisions based on the Principle of 'what is best for all Lives' and in that, take into consideration that 'Life' isn't just of the Humans but Life is everything that exists within this world, from the smallest to the greatest which include Nature and the entire Animal Kingdom.


Once we prioritized our 'Preferences', we would immediately see, in self honesty that our Consumerism behaviours has Consequences and therefor, a change within our consumption habits must be change ASAP. Therefore, the Solution must be Integrated with Re-Education Programs of the Humans' mind as a whole.


As I've mentioned in my Previous blog:

"There are Extensive documentaries that reveal the Secrets behind our Decision Making. We will  utilize the Research and Documentaries that were done to Correct and Undo that Harm that was caused by public relations and propaganda specialists, which from there, we could Develop Educational Programs to Educate the Consumers and correct our Consumption Behaviours and Transform our Behaviour to stand in alignment to a Principle 'that which is best for all Lives'

For those who are interested to start their Process of Re-Education with regards to this point, I invite you to study the 'Century of the Self' by Adam Curtis."


Once our Consumerism behaviour and habits change, there would be no need for massive fields of Cotton that are currently resources into absolute diminishment of Earth at large.


The Reward:


IMG_2738 copyThose who lives around the Aral Sea, would may be Rewarded by Nature itself when and as Nature will Restore its Balance and Harmony once the Human Abusive Intervention would stop. Therefor, they would be able to Coexists with the Sea again, as they did in the past, wherein the sea was their Life Resource of Food, Water and Clean Air.

Once I finish walking the Crisis in Uzbekistan, you would be able to see for yourself the Benefits and the Rewards that would emerge with EMC because at the moment, you still do not have encompassing view of the Real Problem, a real solution and thus, the real Rewards for Humanity as a whole.


Thus, at the End of this blog Series, I would write an Entire list of Rewards that would astound as you could see what can really be done in this world that would benefit Everyone.



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