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Poverty due to Humans' Ignorance Will End in an Equal Money Capitalism - Day 282


Within this blog, I will show another Pattern based on the Documentary - Stealing Africa - Why Poverty?






The Problem:


In a world where the Earth's Resources are Privatised, it is no wonder that Inequality Exists. I mean, how stupid we really are considering that Property on the MOON is now being sold to Private people. I mean seriously? What will one does with Property on the Moon? That is quite a concerning point wherein some humans have so much money and have nothing to do with it to the extent of spending their monies on buying Property on the Moon.

Same with Rüschlikon, a village in Switzerland with a very low tax rate and very wealthy residents. It was decided by the Residence to even lower the tax rate to 5% instead of 7% because there was nothing else to do with the tax money. what they haven't consider is where this money is coming from and what can be done within the principle of that which is best for all, before coming to the conclusion that they should lower the tax rate. Most of the Rüschlikon tax rate income is coming from ONE man -  Ivan Glasenberg, the CEO of Glencore, whose copper mines in Zambia. While Rüschlikon residences Enjoy a life of Wealth, about 60% of the Population of Zambia live on less than 2$. The Wealth of Rüschlikon People is on the Expense of the Zambia's people.


I strongly suggest that you do you research and watch the Documentary for yourself to understand the extent of the problem.


What needs to be Flagged here is not only Humans' Ignorance but also Humans' Cruelty where we accept and allow the Enslavement and Control of those who lives on a Land that is Full with Earth's Resources and yet, they do not have at the very least, a dignified and worthy Life.



The Solution:


The Equal Money Capitalism Principle of Profit Share and Equalize Wages:


Profit Share:



Currently profit is the money a company makes after they have covered their costs, including paying out wages. In an EMC - profit comprises of all the added value that is placed on resources - which is your labour. Therefore - within the price, the percentage share must be included of each one that was part of the creation of the product in such a way that each one ends up with an equal share of the company's profits, so - there will be no need for wages - as the profit becomes your wage.


Equalizing Wages:


If a company at any time makes more money than they need to provide each one with their equal share of the profit as well as covering their costs - those monies will go into a fund that is responsible for assisting companies that are not making sufficient to cover their costs and provide each one with their fair share. That way a balancing effect takes place so that all companies are not only cooperatives in how they cooperate internally - but all cooperate with each other as well…." (Day 163: Equal Money Capitalism - Redefining Profit)



The Reward:


Photo: Equal Money Capitalism: The Future of Integrity.<br /><br />A system of Integrity is one where what is best for all is Integrated into the Nitty Gritty of the Structure in all ways.<br /><br />www.equalmoney.org<br />www.economistjourneytolife.blogspot.com<br /><br /><br />Essential Self Education about Reality<br /><br />The Power Principle<br />http://metanoia-films.org/the-power-principle/<br /><br />The Trap<br />http://archive.org/details/AdamCurtis_TheTrap<br /><br />Psywar<br />http://metanoia-films.org/psywar/<br /><br />Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century<br />http://metanoia-films.org/human-resources/<br /><br />The Century of the Self: Part 1- Happiness Machines<br />http://youtu.be/prTarrgvkjo

At the Individual Level -

Those who are currently face their Reality as a Reality of Daily Fight for Survival, for the first time,  would be able to Enjoy their Life with the End of the Fear and Fight for their Constant survival. Within that obviously, these people would have access to all that Life that is Best for all can Possible provide while maintaining Harmony and Equilibrium. In this, they would be able to Educate themselves, expand, Grow and empower themselves as effective human beings in this world that could contribute their share for the benefit of all.


On a Global Level -

personally, I would sleep better with myself at night, knowing that no one in this world has to sleep tonight on the floor or worse with an empty stomach. I would sleep better at night knowing that all the children are safe and would be able to wake up to a world that embrace their very existence rather than forcing them to a life of Misery. Wouldn't you?









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