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Our Responsibility and Accountability for Each Death that could have been Prevented - Day 250

End abuse with equal money (Large)Here I am continuing walking the 'How to Cope with the Death of a Pet' series which I've started walking when Babitjie (Cat) died 2 days ago from Kidney Failure which also followed by the Death of Titan (Horse) due to extensive and aggressive unexpected cancer. Within this blog, my focus will be on Human Intervention and the Existential Consequences that resulted with the abuse and suffer of the Animal Kingdom; abuse and suffering that could have been Prevented if Human Beings would have been Aware, considerate and compassionate.


Before I start, there is a quote I'd like to bring forth:


" has been mentioned within the Animal Life Review Series, how Human Intervention interfered with the Equilibrium between the environment/weather and the earth/animal/insect/plant Kingdoms and created an complete imbalance in/as so many physical relationships, that it has forced all such parts/dimensions/beings in/as/of this Physical Existence into and as states of Survival/Compensation. This has caused an outflow-consequence within and as the Physical Relationships in/as this Physical Existence – from some parts of the Earth becoming inhabitable, to the extinction of animal/nature Species, to the Pollution of rains, to the unpredictability of weather conditions and its according consequences in its relationship to the Earth/Environment. To which human beings would attribute further consequence, because with the physical changing its relationships according to the Human Factor – the Human will then accordingly Respond to the changes the Physical made, because of the Human - to Survive, and more often than not; the human will ‘respond’ to Physical Changes – at the Sacrifice of the physical, the earth, the environment and all species, from the minute, to the small to the great within and as it. “Conquering” the Physical – well, the consequence of the Human Factor in its relationship to the Physical is clearly becoming evident, as the Physical, especially now within the bacterial, virus, microscopic, micro-organism dimensions/parts/particles is definitively showing who in this relationship between Man and Physical is in fact in Control. I mean, human beings have not even 1 + 1’d this Equation in the relationship between ourselves and the Physical with how Little human’s awareness in fact extend to understanding the Complexity of the interrelationships within our own Physical Bodies, let alone Existence as a whole…" Heaven's Journey to Life - Consciousness + Time = Doomsday? - Day 245




change-this-picture - Niklas"...Each time an animal has to be put down as the result of undue suffering – it is testimony to our legacy of fucked-up-ness.

Each time a child dies of starvation, while it could have been provided for, but we didn’t care to create and structure the world in a way to make it possible for all to live a dignified Life – it is a testimony to our fucked-up-ness.

I’ve dealt with a lot of deaths on the farm, and this is the one point that keeps on striking me, because most of the time the death was not a natural death where an animal’s life had been lived to completion – but most of the time the death was the result of consequence as a ‘negative side-effect’ of the world we’ve produced and participate in, which means it was each time an untimely death that could have been prevented…" Leila's Journey to Life - Day 146: Death of a Horse



So - for a long time I didn't want to face my Self interest within it all to see my accountability and responsibility for each and every Death that could have been Prevented. I couldn't connect the dots to see my direct relationship with the Manifested consequences as the current abuse, suffering of Humans and Animals.

It was only a few days ago where I could finally see this point for myself, while writing a blog Review on Derren Brown's TV show: Derren Brown Expose - Crowed behaviour is Evil - Day 246: "...What was not exposed in this show is the Indirectly Crowd Behaviour of us human being, that have the means and power to change the fate of this world, to prevent the birth of children to a world of abuse and instead to prepare the way before them to birth into world that will take care of them, from birth till death.

Understand, our Silent Expression is still an expression of what we accept and allow and what we will not. The fact we do nothing to change the face of this world indicate our Evil Expression of Human Beings…"


So now I understand why and how I'm directly accountable and responsible for each and every unnecessary death in this world - because I have the means and access to stand up and stand as and example in this world and yet, I haven't done so to my full potential. Each one of us that sit back and allow this world to continue in it's current manifestation is accountable and responsible for each and every death that couldn't have been prevented if we were to change the world system.


Anna (13)There can be no Excuses, no Justification, no Blame. We must Realize and Understand that our Silence is the Voice that accept and allow the abuse, harm, crime, war, suffering, diseases, etc. in this world. Let's stop the Silence and make sure our Voice is Heard and that our Voice is standing in alignment to the Principle of 'What is best for all Lives on Earth'.

You must understand - there is no one that would come and save us, there is not magic pill we can take to sort everything out, there is no last minute bail-out.


Educate yourself to understand what is really going on in this world to within that, understand your accountability and Responsibility:


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Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century



Here is one of the Equal Money System Policies that is in direct relationship to what was discussed here. let's make sure this policy is coming to it's optimum manifestation: Stewardship

Within an Equal Money system it will be recognized that Humans are a part of the Ecosystem they live in. The word 'eco' stands for 'home' - and thus, each human will be responsible for maintaining the Balance and Harmony within their home, within their Ecosystem. This involves the Monitoring of the Well-Being of the Plants and Animals within one's Environment and to Intervene when Disharmony occurs as a result of Human Impact, so that a new Equilibrium can be established.


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