Dec 17, 2012 | By: A Woman

Don't you Dare Giving me this look - Day 248


This is continuation to:

Don't you Dare Blaming me - Day 244

Don't you Dare Manipulating me - Day 245


DSC00611I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to React to other beings Facial Expression that I perceived to be an expression of Spite/ anger/disguised that is directed and in relation to their experience of me. In this, I forgive myself that I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to realize that their inner experience has nothing to do with me directly but what they have accepted and allowed within and as themselves and thus, when I accept the change in their facial expression through associating a past memory of someone being angry/spiteful/disguised, and make it personally, I, in that moment, validating their experience and disempowering/diminishing/compromising myself as I take their experience that they have accepted and allowed themselves to participate with and make it my own.


I forgive myself that I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand the other human being process, in unconditionally seeing the being as who they are, their Life Path, the Process they have walked and accordingly, assist and support, in self honesty, and in alignment to 'Give as you'd like to Receive', but rather, I have accepted and allowed myself to react to their reactions, make it personally and access a mind possession that I could have prevented, simply through/as/within breath.


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to Believe myself when I interpret another Facial Expression through my own mind, through my own knowledge and information database that I have collected, stored and accumulated throughout my life  and according to that, come to the conclusion that the other is in a reaction towards me, and thus, I must embrace now the Defense Mode Character that I have also created within and as myself and to  then thus, interact and communicate from a Mind starting point as how I would perceive to be the best tactic that would result in "peace" with the other human being and within that, for not just moment consider the other human being and their life path and their processes because I was to occupied in my own mind, separating myself not only from myself but from the other and within that, failed to stand by my own commitment to assist and support myself to Stop participating with my own mind as I already seen, realized and understood that nothing worthwhile can manifest from one's participation of one's mind.


I commit myself to assist and support myself in getting to the bottom of all points of reaction to other human beings within and as myself and to walk, slowly but surly, from Mind Reaction to Prevention as I already see the outcome when accepting and allowing myself to participate in Reaction and how in those moments, I completely disempowered myself and compromised myself and the other.


I commit myself to investigate my own body Language and my own facial expressions and within that, assist and support myself with communicating with the being in my environment, asking them how my face changes in specific moments so that I'll have a reference point for and as myself and in this - Not accepting and allowing myself to react and take myself personally when and as they showing me that which I wasn't seeing before. Through this, I develop open and intimate communication with others, in an agreement to assist and support ourselves to expand and grow ourselves, in getting to know ourselves and each other so that, instead of diminishing and disempower each other, we stand as support and accordingly, grow, expand and empower ourselves.



I commit myself to Stop making assumptions, perceptions and therefore conclusions and to stop believing the conclusion I come to within and through the mind as I see, realize and understand that following my mind, and reacting to what I see through my eyes, does not and will not result with an outcome that is worth while. Thus, I commit myself to - When and as I see that another had changed their facial expression, I stop, I breathe, and I make sure that I'm Here, within and as my human physical body, I touch my hand to support me with grounding myself and once I'm clear, I direct myself in that moment.


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