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Derren Brown Expose - Crowed behaviour is Evil - Day 246



I just finished watching Derren Brown - The Gameshow and frankly what Derren showed on a micro-cosmos level, is exactly how humanity as a whole works and functions as a crowd - Directly and indirectly through our collective silent acceptance of this world system. But before I'll explain, let's review the show in a nutshell.


In this show, Derren Brown did an experiment on a crowd that had no idea they are the subject of the experiment but rather they believed that they are participants on a new TV show.

What the Crowd had to do, anonymously, was to vote/decide the fate of another human being that had no clue that everyone around him involves and play/act according to the crowd decisions.

The Crowd always had 2 choices the vote from: A. Positive Outcome; B. Negative Outcome.

Each time, the crowd chose the Negative outcome without considering that a man's life is in stake and what would be the traumatic consequences this may lead to.


Since Derren Brown knew, and could easily anticipate what the crowd will chose each time, he decided to prepare a fake part in case the crowd in fact decides to embarrass their Evil Nature in its totality, to prevent the harm/injury of the being that was the scapegoat of the crowd decisions.


When the fake part took place, and the being merely killed when a car ran over him, Derren Brown exposed the true Evil Nature of human beings when and as they are acting anonymously and decide the fate of another human being without ever looking at themselves, looking at the consequences and outflows and not only that, cheering all the way through the Evil decisions they have made. The more Negative experience the being had and the more serious outcome it led to, the more the crowd cheered up.


(I suggest watching it for yourself, for a better impression of what human beings are capable of.)


When I read the reviews of this show, done by Psychologists, it was interesting to see how to Psychologist tried to diminish Brown's experiment by claiming that the experiment wasn't done properly despite of them being familiar with Crowd Behaviour:


"...Why is all this important? Does it really matter to anyone other than social psychologists that outdated theory is portrayed as factual on prime-time television? The point is that an understanding of crowd psychology has important consequences for society. Regarding crowds as anti-social entities acting without identity or reason can legitimate their violent repression by security forces, prevent intragroup helping in emergencies, and facilitate the dismissal of popular protest as irrational by those in positions of power. Poor theory can therefore ultimately lead to both public disorder, and an attack upon our democratic rights as individuals to express our views collectively. It is therefore in all of our interests to gain an accurate understanding of crowd behaviour, rather than rely upon outdated theory that is not only wrong, but dangerous.."


So, what is the Democratic Right as Individual to Express our Views collectively?

There is only ONE right that can be Valid within this context and that is the Right to a Life that is best for all. Throughout History, there wasn't once that a crowd stood up and expressed their Right for a world that is best for all COLLECTIVELY and yet, we have the right to do so. What we did stood for was for Lynches, Wars, Crucifixions and so on.


Where is our Individual Expression as a collective when we as the Individuals accepting and allowing the Collective Consequences that manifested in this world? Here is a part of Lindsay Craver Blog that is relevant to this discussion:


...Each day that I walk the Learned Helplessness Character in writing and in living-correction is another day that I peel back yet another layer and get to see with more clarity just how important it is to eradicate every single acceptance of helplessness within myself and equally within this world. I do not and cannot accept myself nor this world to cower under a pressure that isn’t even real, but is self-induced as a way to try/attempt to get out of standing accountable, because one single 20 year old did not shoot and kill all those children today, one single soldier did not ever drop a bomb on a village full of children, one single man did not make a decision to starve entire countries – we ALL pulled the trigger, we ALL dropped the bomb, and we ALL withheld and continue to withhold vital resources from those who are in dire need – and indeed, to come to terms with this fact is one of the most difficult things that we will ever require to do as human beings, because to come to terms is to admit our wretchedness, is to admit that we are accomplices in acts of atrocious violence,  yet it is through admitting our inadequacies and total failures at being and becoming the potential that we are actually able to be, that we are able to have the courage and humility to stand corrected and to embrace the absolute shame for what we have done so that we can through this make absolute sure that not another child is robbed of life in any way, ever again...


Thus, It is Detrimental that we will become aware of our indirect Individual Expression as Collective in seeing, realizing and understanding what we are in fact expression and the consequences thereof. When we see a world of abuse where Children are born to a life of misery and yet we remain quite, our expression is of acceptance and allowance of the continuation of a world of abuse and suffering for the majority of the people.


We are Evil in Nature, regardless if we are in a crowd that supports our Evilness Nature or as an individual that sit on their asses and do nothing to change this world. Our Individual Expression in all times MUST be according to Principles that are best for all because otherwise, we are responsible for each and every outcome and consequences that exist within this world because we didn't stand up and stop, nor ourselves or this world to continue its cycle of abuse that we have accepted and allowed through our Individual expression.


The Focus of this show was to Expose Crowd behaviour and the cruelty Crowd behaviour can lead to. What was not exposed in this show is the Indirectly Crowd Behaviour of us human being, that have the means and power to change the fate of this world, to prevent the birth of children to a world of abuse and instead to prepare the way before them to birth into world that will take care of them, from birth till death.

Understand, our Silent Expression is still an expression of what we accept and allow and what we will not. The fact we do nothing to change the face of this world indicate our Evil Expression of Human Beings.

If you get what I'm saying, it is time you join the Crowd that is standing up for a world that is best for all, face your evil nature and change yourself to be and become an effective human being in this world that Express, in every moment of every breathe the Principle of Give as you'd Like to Receive and Love thy Neighbour as thyself. Investigate Equal Money System and the Desteni I Process.




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