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Derren Brown Apocalypse - Day 243

Recently I watched Derren Brown - Apocalypse which raise concerning questions within myself that unfortunately, weren't fully addressed within the show as well as the Reviews that were made upon this specific episode.


In this episode, Derren Brown deliberately created the worst possible nightmare a person could have within the starting point of changing one's egotistic, self centered personality to compassionate, hearted, considerate personality. He choose specific being that Derren Brown perceived required a life changing event to be able to change himself. There were lots of lots of people participating behind the scene while the main character, Steven, didn't haver a clue about it.


During the show, it was shown how they prepared all the details, how did they programmed his mind through external forces that were involved, which also included hypnosis. Steven indeed step out of his comfort zone of being a rotten child with no consideration to anyone but himself to a leader, decision maker in stressful moments and compassionate.


What I found even more fascinating just a moment ago, in reading these various media reviews, was how the press or people with hidden agendas and interests had manipulate the Bazz the show had to distract themselves and others from the detrimental main/source/core point that must be focused, through claiming that that everything was staged, including Steven involvement.


If you read my blog - From Reaction to Prevention then you would see that here is another example of how we first React and then either suppress/ignore and/or Manipulate the consequences to suit with our best interest, or we would stand up, look at the core/source/origin problem and accordingly, take self responsibility to change while what we haven't realized is that through reactions, we distract ourselves from investigating the core/origin/source of the Problem to be able to Prevent the problem and stop the manifested consequences that problem consists of and exists as.


Thus, what was the reaction the people that manipulated the bazz where facing? Fear. What the shows implies is that only when one go through a traumatic Experience of Losing everything one defined oneself as, one might take a stance and force oneself to change. In self honesty, deep down, we realize we have got to change and we also know how deceptive we are in nature and how, if nothing would force us, we wouldn't stand up and change ourselves nor this world. I mean, the Desteni Haters and the beings that resists to the Message of Desteni and the Equal Money System demonstrate this very fact - unless something sever happens in one's life, one would not step out from one's comfort zone and do anything to Prevent/Change/Correct the problem we face both individually and Collectively. So the people that wrote the reviews were reacting within and as themselves and accordingly, the Act upon their Fear reaction, utilizing all that they have got to Prove wrong the point Derren Brown showed within this episode - that unless ones lose everything one have, one would not change and this is why, he suggested to not wait till that happens but to take responsibility and change ourselves to a better human beings.


The Concerning point that wasn't absolutely addressed within the Apocalypse episode of Derren Brown was the very Evil Nature of human being that accept and allow themselves to sit on their asses and take care of themselves and themselves alone while the majority of this world is in great suffering, starvation, abuse, etc.

What wasn't looked at is - we have a problem within human civilization - the problem is inequality in all sphere of Life as we know it today. We cannot wait until we destroy this world so completely for us to be able to finally change because by then, it will be to late. We must act now and stop Reacting to the Problems but rather, stand up, and prevent the destruction of this world as we are busy manifest within and without.

Really, we cannot afford to wait for the atrocity will get to a point of no return.


Derren Brown proves how easy it is to brainwash people. So how can we trust that we are not acting, reacting upon our Brainwashed Programming that we have so blindly accepted and allowed as if it was ourselves?

How can we trust our thoughts, feelings and emotions if the outcome of humanity is a complete disaster where we accept and allow the suffering of so many of us - that exists within this ONE world, like we do, but with no access to any of the resources that we have access to?

How is it that we haven't realized, seen or understood how Brainwash works and functions and haven't related and associated brainwashing with Consumerism for instance, despite of all the Research and Documentaries that proves this very point?

How is it that we accepted and allowed ourselves to hate our neighbours and go to war against them, because our ancestor hated them and taught us to hate them as well? How can we not call this hate brainwashing? A child that is born into this world doesn't have hate within and as themselves but only due to the influence of the family, they become washed with opinions, beliefs, perceptions, ideas, emotions and feeling, fears which are all based on One's Self interest


Time to wake up people, and realize it is not a dream we are leaving, it is a nightmare for most of human kind.

It is time to realize that we have the power to change, prevent and correct our living application BEFORE something so drastic and traumatic will manifest.


Will you Dare to investigate the Principle of Prevention? Will you dare to step out of your comfort zone and stand up for a world that is best for all, internally and externally?

Will you dare to face yourself and see the real nature of yourself? Do not wait till it is to late - investigate Desteni, the Desteni I Process (DIP Lite, DIP Pro, Relationship/Agreement Course) and the Equal Money System. We have the solution that encompass every aspect of this Life that must be changed and Correct. We are for real - will you accept the challenge? You Decide.

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