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The REAL Fear - Day 192

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For the purpose of context, suggest reading these posts above prior to reading the post below, if you haven’t already. Here I will be walking the 'I don't have TIME' Character - Fear Dimension - Practical support with Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments.


The List below consists of the Fears which are the foundation of the 'I don't have Time' Character.



Fear Dimension:

* Fear that I'll disappoint other people if I won't take more tasks on myself

* Fear that I would be defined as unworthy because I'm not using my time to

it's utmost potential.

* Fear that I won't get things done and would regret it when consequences

would emerged so basically, fear of the consequences.

* Fear that I would be seen as not good enough, replaceable, inadequate

* Fear of being exposed as self dishonest because I know, that if I put my self

interest desires aside, I'm able to walk my tasks in absolute perfection.

* Fear of Missing out the Positive as Entertainment




* Fear that I would be seen as not good enough, replaceable, inadequate


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to Fear not being seen as good enough, replaceable or inadequate without giving me the permission to see the REAL fear that I'm accepting and allowing within and as myself which is in essence the fear of loss the Value I've assign to What I Do. Wherein:

Fear of being replaceable in one's Job/work is in itself clearly shows that one had assign value towards one's Job/work through which one is defining oneself as worthy and when one is being replaced, one take it personally because one defined oneself as one's Job/work.

Fear of feeling Inadequate implies that again, one had taken one's Job/work as one's self definition and thus, when the outcome isn't meet one's or other's expectation, one take it personally instead of Stopping for a moment, breath and see, in self honesty whether one should invest the time and effort in aligning one's skills, perfect oneself, learn from other's example and from there, walk in every moment within and as self trust.

Fear of being seen as no good enough is again, taking things personally because one could have investigated where one wasn't standing within and as the principle of that which is best for all and accordingly, align oneself but when taking things personally, one is so possessed in one's mind that no Common sense is seen or considered.


Within that thus, I commit myself to - when and as I see a thought and or reaction in the nature of fear of losing a point that I've defined myself as, to Stop, Breathe, and investigate in self honest why and how I've accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from who I am to such an extant that I've limited myself to only this one point as self definition instead of Value myself as who I am as I direct, move and support myself in walking breath by breath, in getting myself back Here and out of the mind. I see, realize and understand that Value myself as Who I am isn't base on energy movement, on self definition, on others to validate myself. Value myself means that I recognized that I'm Here, and that I'm walking towards getting Here, as Who I am and within that, assisting and supporting myself in making decision that are supportive in fact as a principle of Life that is best for all and in that, not accepting and allowing myself to fuck myself with automated reactions, thoughts, behaviours that originated from Fears which I haven't taken the responsibility to look at, investigate, realize myself and accordingly direct.


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