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Menstruation Pains as an Excuse to Indulge - Self Commitments - Day 177



This is a continuation to:

Menstruation Pains as an Excuse to Indulge- Day 175

Menstruation Pains as an Excuse to Indulge - Self Forgiveness - Day 176


I commit myself to Disconnect the Attachment/association/definitions that I've manifested within and as my mind regarding the relationship between headache and Menstruation as I see, realize and understand that accepting and allowing the associations/definition/association/connection between headache and Menstruation is to accept and allow the abuse and sabotage of myself through literally manifesting pain through the belief that pain and Menstruation comes together. Thus, When and as I see a thought in a nature of the relationship between pain and menstruation, I stop, I breathe, I DETLET the thoughts as I now see, realize and understand why and how I've accepted and allowed myself to participate in the thought in separation of me which is no longer acceptable.


I commit myself to walk my Responsibilities within breath by breath living application as and within the principle of what is best for all and within that, to not accept and allow myself to excuse myself from my responsibilities through creating pain within and as me and to assess within self honesty when and how much rest my body is required to function in its utmost potential.


I commit myself to include in my  weekly schedule moments for self indulgent and to unconditionally be OK with taking these moments for myself without feeling guilty about it because, I see, realize and understand that I've previously took these moments but within guilt, I manifest pain so that I could justify the moment of indulgent through the excuse that my body is in pain and require a rest.


I commit myself to further investigate the Righteousness Character within and as me through a process of writing, self forgiveness and practical self change through standing in alignment with my commitments that I'm putting forth to myself.

I commit myself to Delete all Memories regarding Women with Menstruation pain as I'm now seeing, realizing and understanding that I've used these memory to manipulate and abuse my human physical body through utilizing these memories as an excuse to excuse myself from my day to day living responsibility for one day in a month. In this, Note - what I'm saying here is that some women are in fact having serious Menstruation pain once a month and that is their process to walk but it is not the case with me so it is not that all women are like me, utilize the pain as an excuse so please, do not make a judgement upon Menstruation pain through reading this blog.


I commit myself to STOP manipulating others through the experience of having to feel sorry for myself within the desire of them validating me as the pain and excusing me from my responsibilities. In this, I commit myself to investigate and explore where else in my life I've utilize the 'Feel sorry for me' character in alignment of my own self interest Desires for a specific experiences.


I commit myself to delete the values I've assigned to my day to day living responsibilities and to then thus, walk what ever is required to be done, breath by breath at my utmost potential, capability and ability, in self honesty.


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