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The Importance of Physical Communication - Day 148

Elva studenter tar farvl av Ume konstskola med en utstllning, och det r som vanligt en ansenlig bredd. I r, liksom frra ret, har andrarseleverna lmnat sina lokaler i Umedalen fr att stlla ut i Fabriken vid Strmpilen.How much time are we spending talking with other beings in our environment, in our mind, without actually communicating with them?
How many times are we assume we know what the other being is going through, what the other being would answer if we ask the being a question?
How many times we become totally frustrated and angry at another being because we assume the being did something without taking us into consideration?
How many times we perform an entire conversation with another being in our mind, playing out all the possibilities within ourselves with the being, inside our mind, so when we actually communicate with the being, we forget to walk a time line with the being because as far as we concern, the conversation was already done (in our mind) and the being is full aware of our string of thoughts.

It is clear to me now, how and why I fucked so many relationships in my life by not communicating with the being, accumulate resentment towards the being through my assumption that I know what the being has done, through the assumption that the being didn't take me into consideration and thus, the being is not supporting me in anyway whatsoever.

For example: a week ago, I was talking with a friend and I made them aware of the situation that I'm in. I didn't tell them: "Hey, would you like to come and see me, I would like to be in your company right now, enjoy ourselves together". I was expecting the other being to see that I would like to meet them without me having to directly communicate it with the being.
The day after, this being called me and told me about their day before, who they met, how was the experience and so on. Within me, I started to be angry and frustrated because I assumed that where this being were was some place close to where I've been and the being should have come to see me. I was angry at this being for giving more value to what they have decided to be and whom they have decided to be with, and not for a moment considered where I am within my process and accordingly, came to see me.

When I saw the anger, resentment and frustration coming up, I stopped, turned the point back to myself and saw what I was accepting and allowing. What I've seen was that I was the one who didn't communicate the point of wanting to hang out together with the other being, I didn't let them be aware of where I am within my process and what would assist and support me in that moment. And so, I let it go.

On our next discussion, this point came up when the being shared another story about their experience the day I expected them to see me and yet, they had other plans which they had attendant to. This time, I was here, breathing, hearing what the being is sharing with me. I then told this being the process I've walked through regarding this point of me being frustrated about them and how I assisted and supported myself to turn the point back to myself and see what I've accepted and allowed myself to participate with and the important of physical communication rather than Mind communication.
The funny thing was that I was not aware of a little single point - the place they were attending to was not even close to where I was as my initially trigger point of: I can't believe they have been so close to where I live and didn't come and see me. It was only me, making the assumption that I know where the being was and from that initial assumption, I created a scenario in my mind of not being considerate.

The point is - we cannot expect others to know what we are going through without communicating about it. we cannot expect others to do something for us if we didn't directly asked them to; obviously, the next dimension one must look at regarding expectation is that nothing should move within and as oneself if the other being would not comply to that which we ask them to. What ever their answer may be, we stand, clear, stable. If any movement, backchat, reaction comes up - it is not about anyone but self and self must take the responsibility to turn the point back to self and investigate how and why self has separated self from self through accessing one's mind.

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