Jul 18, 2012 | By: A Woman

Taking responsibility for my creation - Day 96

This is a continuation to the Blog post:

03-452x400I commit myself to show how the starting point of each single character that we have created within and as ourselves serve one purpose only - Self Interest Desire for an experience that only through becoming the character, equal and one, Self is able to gain the experience and within that, disregarding the Life that is here as who Self Is as self is busy bouncing from one character to another according to what suit self the Best in order to survive in any given moment.

I commit myself to show that the cycle of the Self Diminishment Character will work and function in absolute perfection within and as ourselves where we will bounce from a Negative Energy charge to a Positive Energetic charge and back to the Beginning (to the Negative and the Positive to the Negative) where all of which can only exists within and as our permission to Compare ourselves to the Idea/Picture that we have created in our mind of who and what we should have been within the picture, and we will compare ourselves to other people in our lives to make sure that our Self Diminishment and Sabotage cycle will always remain intact and in place. 

I commit myself to kill the Self Diminishment Character within and as myself as I realized that I was the one who decided to create myself as the Self Diminishment character. I realized that to expand and grow myself through the example of others that have walked the time line to develop their skills to be and become an effective human being within themselves and this world, I must stop all participation within and as comparison and competition as those are just more characters that I've created as myself to protect myself as the character that I've become, in self interest, in separation and till here no further.

I commit myself to show that the decision to be and become the self Diminishment character was made by me through my acceptance and allowance of thoughts and back chat to be and  become my directive principle as that was what I was taught by those who have come before me to always protect and defend my own self interest of survival. I see and realize that I was the one who have accepted the teaching and the example of others and have thus accepted the Comparison and competition characters to exists within and as me and thus, I stand here, in full awareness of why and how I've created myself in the nature of self interest to protect my survival of and as characters and from this moment onwards, I commit myself to assist and support myself, by dissecting each and every memory that had led me to the decisions that I've made in absolute separation and ignorance and to thus, assist and support myself to delete the memories by standing equal to and one as the memories, delete them, breath by breath until I'm purified from my own enslavement that I've trapped myself from the beginning and stand up as LIFE that is best for all.

I commit myself to Show that our fight for our self interest Survival within which we will always compare and compete with one another, will never be the solution for the creation that we all as one created and thus, it is the time to stop competing, stop comparing and stand together within the realization that it was always US who have created ourselves and this existence in separation from ourselves and LIFE as ourselves and it will be US who will re-create our Creation as LIFE as Ourselves when we accept and allow ourselves to kill our Characters that we have created in order to trap ourselves within and as our creation because the consequences of the game/movie that we have created is devastating and must be stopped and thus, from here on - the rule of the game must change - Equality and Oneness as what is best for all will and must be our guideline, our principle that we will stand as for eternity, to ensure a LIFE that is in fact best for all.


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