Nov 22, 2015 | By: A Woman

Should I blindly trust another - Day 530

After I wrote the previous blog, The Truth about Blind trust - Day 529  I saw the following quote by Brian Tracy:

"The glue that holds all relationships together, including the relationship between the leader and the led, is trust, and trust is based on integrity."

Looking at the examples we discussed in the previous blog - we can see how blind trust turned into a complete distrust when the objects of our trust lost their credibility and thus their integrity in our eyes' view. Yet, most of us just accepted the fact that integrity was lost and that relationships aren't trustworthy as a normal way of living instead of actually investigating solutions.

I think that we reached that level of 'giving up' inside of ourselves because things have always been this way and we are tired of fighting with each other in away so instead, we just accept the status-que and maintain some level of getting along with each other, knowing that we cannot absolutely trust anyone in this world. This is sad isn't it?

The question is, can we trust ourselves? Can we trust that in a moment of truth, we will act on what is best for everyone and not just on what is best for me? Can we trust ourselves to make decisions that would benefit the majority of this world? Will we, in moments of temptation take more instead of give? Many of us claim to be good people and see ourselves as those who want to create a better world, yet, in our daily action we prove that we are thinking of ourselves and ourselves only.

Understand, I am not here to judge anyone - I am here to be brutal honest so that we can face the point inside of ourselves and for once and for all, reach a level of self-honesty that would lead to us to a level of self-trust. Because unless we are able to trust ourselves, we will follow the same path we currently are at and blindly trust that something will change, that some good will come our way, not seeing that our physical reality showing us the exact opposite.

So look, let's be honest - we are not yet at a point of being able to blindly trust anything or anyone but ourselves. So let's establish that step first. The best way to establish self trust is through applying the principle - "Investigate all things and keep that which is good". Whenever something comes up inside of you that you are not sure about, check yourself, introspect and find the source (to help yourself with the process, please sign up for the free life mastery skills course - by "something comes up inside of you" I mean - thoughts, reactions, blame, judgement, anger and so forth - get to a point of self honesty and see what activate and manifest that reaction inside of you instead of blindly trust that whatever came up inside of you is valid.

AND - when someone is saying something to you, no matter how good it sounds, check the information, don't blindly trust the information no matter who the person is. Do your research, develop critical thinking to discern the information in such a way that you can see clearly whether the information is something you can test for yourself or not.

When you develop the habit of investigating all things (both internally and externally) and keep that which is good, you start establishing a point of self-trust with yourself because you can trust now that you do not blindly follow information but actually checking and researching the information and could thus make an informative decision. In that, you also stop the habit of blaming and judging other people for suggestions that they gave and instead you support them when the information they carry is contaminated. You thus support yourself to stand with integrity and supporting others to develop integrity within themselves and others. Can you see where I am going with it? A key for successful relationships, a key for an actual change is by developing self-trust and that self-trust will be the guiding force that can be trusted to bring a change for this world that is of worth, that is of integrity and harmony.

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