Nov 17, 2015 | By: A Woman

The Truth about Blind trust - Day 529

In a previous blog, 'Should I trust another?  Day 480', I discussed the difference between 'trust and self-trust:

"...Someone said to me something in those lines:
'You cannot trust anyone but yourself - it is not about whether or not you can trust another - it is about trusting yourself that what you are seeing in your reality is actually what is and accordingly, trusting yourself that according to what you are seeing, you will direction/support yourself and others based on what is best in any given moment'…"

"… So you see, it all has to do with one's responsibility of trusting oneself and it is not about trusting or distrusting another. It is to trust yourself when making any decision; it is to trust yourself that you will stand in absolute stability no matter how the outcome would be because you trusted yourself that you considered and investigated all things before you made a decision; and it is to trust yourself to when/as you see another's application as untrustworthy, you first assess/investigate/check that you are clear within yourself without any slight reaction to another and thereafter, if you are in a position of sharing support with them, do so in self-trust"

So for context - please read 'Should I trust another' blog to understand the difference between Trust and Self Trust. In this blog post, I would like to focus more on the point of 'Blind Trust'.

We all blindly trust our parents as babies. I mean, we don't have much choice do we? We arrive to this world our parents are the ones who take care of us, give us love, attention, warmth and care. Why won't we trust them? So we blindly trust that they know what and how to raise us and we obey their rules without any exception.
Then, we are introduced with our next caretaker - can be the nanny or the nursery/kindergarten teacher - and again we blindly trust that they know what is best for us because that's just how it is.
And we go to school, blindly trust the education system that has its best intentions for us, that it exists to empower us and educate us to be the best that we can be.

I often tell people that being a parent is the most difficult job/career in this world and yet, there is not any 'parenting school' or 'parenting university' where you can perfect your parenting skills. With any other profession, you must have a proper license or a diploma to be able to get a job. Yet, no one actually teach and train parents to be parents and there is again, this blind expectations, that the parent would know what to do with their kids. Yet, we all know it is not the case. Most of us feel overwhelmed and inadequate when our babies come to the world. Most of us feel powerless to direct situations with our children because we just don't know how and there is no one around to consult with.

Then with the education system, it is no longer a secret that the education system does not have any good and pure intentions to teach and train the students to reach their utmost potential. For more context, please watch: The Ultimate History Lesson by John Taylor Gatto. Yet, we all so blindly trust the education system to be for our children the ultimate education provider that we cannot even conceptualize that it is not so.

As we grow older, we blindly trust the world system and our government to consider our needs and well being so we put our vote down and we blindly trust the government to have our best interest in mind yet, we all know it is not so. We all know that the people are the last to be considered but it would first be money, self-interest and maintenance of power that will be considered.

So here are just a few examples of why blind trust is dangerous yet, very common thing to do in the world of today.
In blogs to come we will have a look at how to change blind trust to self-trust and how to always work with the principle: "investigate all thing and keep that which is good" as the first step in discerning information or people to a level of trusting ourselves to make the decisions within the starting point of 'that which is best for all life'

Thank you.


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