Aug 10, 2015 | By: A Woman

Time heals all wounds. Does it really? - Day 517

Some say that time heals all wounds, but I found it to be untrue. When I faced a tough breakup break-up for example, it took me almost 7 years to "heal" while people kept on saying to me that time will make everything ok. And I believed them; I let time to take its course, but the wound was sore and didn't go away. In fact, it just became deeper and in looking back, it negatively influenced many decisions that I made.


It wasn't time that healed that wound - It was me, when I made the decision to actively stand up from within myself, take responsibility for my inner reality and with self determination, I walked out of the depression, sadness and fears that were just some of the dimensions that kept the wound active and sore.


2 years ago, someone very close to me had died. The experience of him being gone was painful, more than anything that I had faced before. I was grieving, and at many times I found myself crying like it was the end of the world, though I knew that if I would not stand up from within myself, I will find myself in endless agony and the more time I wait, the harder it will become to step out of the misery into practical living.


You see, time doesn't heal all wounds, only you can heal yourself by supporting yourself to step up and take responsibility for the experiences that you face inside. I know it can be tough. I know that these experiences are not easy to be walked through. I know what deep emotional turmoil feels like, but I am here today to tell you - you can make the decision to change your inner experiences instead of waiting for time to somehow take the experiences away from you.


This blog post is in the honor of this person who died, whom with his living example, supported me and many others in so many ways. If you need support to step out of your emotional turmoil, please visit DIP Lite for free self - support course.


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