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Self-Empowerment as living Principle - Day 516

In my previous blog I ended off with:

"…This was an overview of what personal-movement within self-empowerment practically means though this blog post is a start of a series where we will explore the practical application of self-movement within self-empowerment. In the next blog post, I will continue with the difference between self-interest and principle when it comes to personal-movement within self-empowerment as from that starting point decision, living personal movement as an expression of ourselves lay. "


So let's start with firstly defining what 'living principle' means - a living principle is that which you direct yourself to live by as who you are within everything that you do. It is that through which you guide your life and your relationships irrespective of changes in circumstances you may face. Having clarity about your life principles can bring you insights into the potential consequences, may it be negative or positive, within any decision that you make to assist and support you with minimizing or prevent the consequences that are not best for you or for others for that matter. An example of a life principle is 'give as you would like to receive' because the nature of this principle is consideration of others and life as a whole.


As explained in the previous blogs, self-empowerment is the application of the realization that only I can empower myself within the decisions that I make and the directions that I give to myself in any given moment. it is one’s power to direct one’s reality, based on a decision that one is making in any given moment as a principle that one lives by. Within that, self-movement would be the action that follows the decisions that I make with absolute commitment to myself irrespective of the outcome as I trust that I will make the alignment needed to reach my goals/success.


Thus far, we have defined what is self-empowerment, self-movement and life principle. So what is the difference between personal movement in self-empowerment that is principles based vs. self-interest base.


Have a look - you can decide for instance to move yourself from being employees towards becoming entrepreneurs and within that, you would experience self-empowerment as the success of the business is a direct relationship to the time and effort that you put into the business. Now, when you reached a point of success and you are profitable and are living a very comfortable life you must ask yourself -

"Am I living by life principles or am I living in self-interest?"


For instance, if we take 'give as you would like to receive' as a life principle we may consider to use a percentage of our profit to give back to society or to donate to a nonprofit organizations that actively aiming to create a change in this world. Why? We must understanding that we were lucky to be in a position that allowed us to leave our jobs and start a business because we were born in the 'right side' of the equation while the majority of this world were born into the 'wrong side' of the equation with no access to money, education, health care, nutrition and so forth; and if we place ourselves in their shoes, wouldn't we want to receive support from those who are in a financial position that allows them to support us to get access to education, to money to healthcare and so forth? I am sure we all do.


Another way to look at personal movement within self-empowerment that is based on principle is to ask ourselves -  "Am I empowering myself AND others or am I walking on other people's toes to gain my individual self-empowered experience?" Here you may find that while you are on the path of personal self-empowerment, you would sabotage other people's life in reaching your personal goals and thus, may want to reassess your commitments and application to one that is life principle based.


Yes, I do understand that within this current world system, sometimes we will make tough decisions that may seem as if we acted upon self-interest baseline though, this is for each and every one to assess their self-honesty whether the decision that we made is one that is of support of life or whether the decision that we made is of self-interest.


Will be continued…






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