Jul 14, 2015 | By: A Woman

Personal Movement within Self-Empowerment - Day 515

What is personal Movement within self-empowerment? to answer this question, we first have to define the words "Personal-Movement". What is Personal-movement?

Personal movement is an expression of ourselves where in any given moment, we are the directive principle of our own reality, inside and out,  deciding to give ourselves direction in taking action. Action can be anything really, can be a decision to make breakfast, a decision to step out of the house and go to work, a decision to make a phone call, a decision to rest, and even a decision to stop the ranting and raving in the mind and take a breath.


As I discussed in one of my previous blogs: Self-Empowerment - Practical Living - The Decision (Part 3) - Day 511 - everything we do or do not do in our lives comes down to a decision that we make in real time moments. The outflows of these decisions may or may not be the desirable outcome though, though it is an outcome that is deriving from the decisions that we made.


When it comes to Self-Movement within Self-Empowerment, what we must realize is that we can either decide to continue waiting for random events to take place in our lives or we can decide that we are the directive principle of our lives and as such, it is up to us to empower ourselves within the movements/actions that we take while considering the possible outcomes within the principles that we have set forth for ourselves to live by.


Waiting or hoping that certain events will play out the way we would have liked it to plat out is an expression of deliberate disempowerment as we abdicate our responsibility to direct our lives and support the lives of others. Usually, when the playouts aren't the desirable ones, we would continually blame and resent those that were involved in the playout while not seeing that all this time we were sitting in our comfort zone without taking any action. Those who living self-movement within self-empowerment as an expression of themselves are actively moving themselves to a point of achieving the goals that they set for themselves as they have realized it is up to them to direct their environment no matter what the outcome may be.


Now, one thing we all must realize - our self-movement within self-empowerment is not define by the outcome meaning, whether the outcome is negative or positive, it doesn't change who we are in the sense of - if the outcome was not satisfactory, one can give up and go back to a point of self-disempowerment, blaming or resenting OR, one can learn from the outcome and align themselves and/or their application/action until the outcome is satisfactory. Yes, it may be a long path to walk with a lot of hurdles on the way though the one who have mastered 'self-movement' within self-empowerment will continue walking, no matter what - no hurdle will stand in their way to achieve the goals they set forth for themselves.


This was an overview of what personal-movement within self-empowerment practically means though this blog post is a start of a series where we will explore the practical application of self-movement within self-empowerment. In the next blog post, I will continue with the difference between self-interest and principle when it comes to personal-movement within self-empowerment as from that starting point decision, living personal movement as an expression of ourselves lay.









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