Dec 7, 2014 | By: A Woman

Being 'screwed over' by another - Day 496

A few days ago I experienced 'cultural shock' when I noticed that people are becoming rude and aggressive in a specific scenario - this experience was not easy or comfortable for me and on many levels, I judged the scenario instead of investigating why I was reacting to what I was observing/seeing.


Interestingly enough, because I didn't understand it, I had to live it so that I could stop judging the mentality and start understanding how it works, why it is like that and what solutions can be lived to support ourselves to move beyond our preprogrammed behavioral patterns to a living application of respect and consideration to one another.


Obviously I didn't plan to become or live that mentality myself to be able to consciously investigate the route/source of such behavior but fortunately, this mentality kicked inside of me yesterday which forced me to investigate and have a closer look at what triggers the rude mentality that I described above, in what circumstances it manifest and how to support myself to breathe and be aware of my environment so that my living application is equal and one with the principle I set myself to live for/as (Give as you would like to receive; love thy neighbor as thyself; investigate all things and live that which is best)


For me, what activated the rude mentality yesterday was when I needed to buy something which I knew its value and yet, the person offered the product for almost triple the valued price. In that moment, this behavior kicked in, everything inside of me moved too fast and I wasn't aware of my body language, the people in my environment, the words that I spoke - it was almost as if I was becoming someone else, someone whom I don't particularly like. So when the person asked me how much I was willing to pay for the product, I didn't even hear him. It was only later that someone else mentioned that the person had said it to me which was when I realized that 'oh fuck, I became possessed by the rude personality myself'.


So within that, one of the dimensions that I found was how when I felt like I was being 'screwed over' by another, I immediately accessed a fight mode, trying to protect myself from another, trying to change the play-out so that I would win and get what I want - this was exactly what I saw the other day with the people I observed only that it felt much more  extensive as the 'group mentality' kicked in and made everyone there access this mentality to a much larger degree.


When I investigated why is it that I felt I was being screwed over - I found that the sales person I was speaking with was not genuine in his expression which was what I primarily reacted to however, by reacting to the person, I couldn't see where the person is coming from and who the person is and what led him to behave and express himself the way he did. Meaning, in that moment, I didn't consider the person and his life path, the world economic system that pushes people to survival mode behavior, all I considered was my emotions and feelings that kicked in where the mind took over to direct me instead of me remaining in breath and directing myself within the principles I committed myself to live as and by.


So a commitment that I made to myself is to become aware of these moments where I access this personality mentality to immediately stop, assess my environment, the people, the situation and direct myself with breath, as how I see in that moment to be the best direction I can walk. Within that also, to investigate the different dimensions that activates such mentality behavior, investigate the mind processes behind it and the preprogram design of it so that I can understand this and thus be able to stand as my own support structure as well as support for another.



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