Nov 22, 2014 | By: A Woman

When enough is just not enough - Day 495

A few days ago I attended a parliament meeting on Education. I found it fascinating to be in one room with complete strangers and yet, we all shared the same concerns about the future of Education in particular and the future of the world as a consequential outflow of a dysfunctional educational system.


The people that attended the meeting were very motivated to affect a change in the education system and they presented a singular solution however, the solution that was proposed was very limited in how it only deals with the consequential outflow of a dysfunctional education system but not with the source that created and would continue to perpetuate the problems that we are now facing. For instance, the way I would briefly define the source of the problem is where we, collectively, abdicated responsibility of living in a supportive and constructive global environment by giving our power away to economic and political systems to govern and control the world on our behalf.


The communication/discussion about the problems and one singular solution took about 2 hours long and for a moment it seemed that everyone in the room spoke in one voice. However, in the last 5 minutes, right at the end, one man stood up to asked a very specific and direct question, wherein he wanted to know and understand how exactly the singular solution that was proposed would be followed through in a physical time line to eventually affect a change for real. He shared that he has already walked this path before and was unable to create any fundamental change within the education system, he expressed his frustration about our education, economic and political systems. To me, this man grounded the discussion wherein, he showed the difference between 'talking' and 'doing'. The difference between 'hope' and 'physical and practical direction' as a living expression. He showed that one singular solution will not solve the problem that we are facing since the problem is by far too multidimensional. 


His voice was not heard and his questions were dismissed and yet, what he stood up for was exactly the point of all of us siting in that parliament room - to discuss solutions that are substantial, practical and physical instead of working with the 'hope' construct that was proven to fail during the last couple of decades.


When I went home, I had a look at this all point, considering that I, myself, am part of an organization that is working towards affecting a substantial change in the world and thus I absolutely understand how challenging it is to bring forth a change that is grounded, practical, physical and worthwhile on a global scale.


I opened up this point for myself and I had a look at why is it that so many people truly care about specific aspects of our reality and would dedicate their entire life to create awareness within the aim of getting people more involved in walking the solution to the problem. This is where I started seeing the separation more clearly, meaning - we are all looking at what we perceived to be isolated problems, trying to walk our own path an isolated solution.


So some would focus on Animal abuse, others would focus on Child Abuse, another would focus on Sexual Abuse, others on the industrial pollution and so forth. Each one of the participants would absolutely believe that they are doing everything that they are able to, to affect a change/solution in this one isolated problem that they have identified and defined as valuable enough to dedicate their life for the solution. Now, the physical reality shows that no matter how devoted people are in trying to change the isolated systems, no real change has ever taken place.


The organization that I am a part of, the Equal Life Foundation, has identified the source of all the isolated problems and therefore, by walking solutions to change the source of the problems, we are able to bring about change in all the isolated problems that many of us already seen and stood up for. Imagine that if all of us who took the initiative to walk one isolated problem and devoted our lives towards changing the problem into a solution - if all of us would stand up together as ONE voice - how powerful would we become, with combined skills, abilities, resources, funds, etc. Imagine how much we can do if we stand together to correct the source of all problems. So I am calling to all of you who have made it your life goal to change the isolated problem that you have identified for yourself - let's walk together to change all problems into solutions, together, as one force, that is powerful in bringing forth a practical and physical change in this world.


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