Oct 27, 2014 | By: A Woman

When plans don't work out as planned - Day 494

I started investigate the point for myself when I noticed that I superimposed the mind reality onto the physical reality, hoping that the physical reality would move at the same pace that I planned things in my mind.

One of the most significant points occurred about 6 months ago when the physical reality didn't play out as how I wanted to move myself in the physical reality and so, I accessed fears, doubts and stress when an unforeseen postponement manifested and so, I blamed, judged and been very hard with myself instead of stopping for just a moment, taking a breath and move WITH the pace of the physical reality towards practical solutions:

I've been preparing and planning to do certain tasks however, unforeseen events took place that 'forced' me to postpone that which I have planned - I went out to do my tasks and for some unknown reason, the E-mail that I sent to myself with specific direction didn't reach my phone - I ended up in the streets, with no actual directions of where to go, it was also raining and I decided to just turn back and compensate the 'lost time' as much as I can. The next day, I made sure that I have all the directions on my phone - I sent it to 2 different e-mail accounts + printed out all the information and when I went back to the streets, I found out that the Queen of England is having a speech and the roads were closed so I couldn't get to my destination on time and again, I had to turn back and work from home to compensate for the 'time' that had been 'lost'.

Now, if I had considered that unpredictable events take place in the physical reality, I would not have accessed so much frustration and stress and I would simply take a breath, assess the information and walk a solution that is best for that very specific moment. However, what I have done in my mind was taking those 2 days and define myself as a failure.

Interestingly enough, what I found was that I actually created unnecessary pressure on my physical body as well as resonantly creating consequences in my environment as reality will always reflect and mirror that which I accepted as myself. Thus, if I listen to the thoughts that comes up as judgements and fears due to the misalignment in how I expected things to move and how things move in the physical reality, I will actually manifest a 'proof' that I was right in my mind to think all this things about myself which then thus, would perpetuate the experience inside myself which creates more pressure, more fears and more doubts. So when looking back at the example I shared above, the events that took place the second day, "proved" to me that I was right to judge and be hard on myself. I was 'right' to believe that I was a failure.

So, when things don't work out the way we planned them - BREATHE, look at the information, see where alignments need to happened, what was missed, what was not considered, what can be learned and correct - there is no point in judging, blaming and playing guilt games with ourselves as this is just a waste of time. There is enough time, we can create time by for instance, step out of the mind for just a moment, and walk with the pace of the physical reality, checking/assessing all things in absolute specificity and plans out day effectively. In the case that unforeseen event took place and interfere with our plans - find a solution, make use of the time that you do have available for other tasks that are awaiting for you. If you practically can't - that's also ok - embrace the moment and be with yourself, explore the physical reality that is around you and in the "worst case scenario", you learn something new about yourself.


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