Oct 20, 2014 | By: A Woman

Developing a sales business mind - The Undefined Resistance (Part 5) - Day 493

If you haven't already, I suggest before continuing reading this blog, to firstly go through the first 3 blogs the series "Developing the Business Mind""

From my previous blog post:
"…Another type of resistance that a salesperson may face occurs just before they go out for an appointment, here I found that the resistance is mostly undefined, very slight, not so many thoughts around it - it is primarily an experience - this I will open up in one of my next blog posts…"

With my experience in sales, and specifically direct sales, I found that I always experienced a slight movement of resistance inside of myself when I stepped out of my door to go see a client or when a client came to the appointment in my office. It is interesting, when I am looking at the point now, I see that I also experienced it when I was working in restaurants or bars (which is also about selling products) - there was a movement of resistance inside of me with the thought: "I don't want to go there".

Recently I was intrigued to investigate the resistance point and I found a fascinating thing:
I noticed that in the past, even though I always experienced the resistance prior to the appointment, the moment I saw the potential client and shake hands with them, the resistance faded away immediately and I enjoyed myself doing the presentation and making sales.

This raised a question - how come the resistance prior to the appointments didn't affect the presentations? Why did it fade away when I met the client? Why didn't I act on the resistance and cancelled appointments when the thought "I don't want to go there" came up?

So what I found when looking at these questions was that the resistance had nothing to do with the clients, with the business or with the product that I was selling - the resistance, fascinating enough, was coming from the fear of the unknown - fear of meeting new people that I haven't seen before.

Sales people may or may not experience this movement inside of themselves; some may listen to the thought and cancel the appointments and consequencsially, their business will fall. Others may experience this movement but it won't be the same or it won't be from the same origin point like for instance, instead of fearing the unknown, it can be fearing feeling inferior to the client. It is not so much about the resistance itself, it is who we are in relation to the resistance and whether or not we would allow the resistance to control us or are we going to move ourselves.

The point is that each one of us have to identify the nature of the resistance, the origin/source of the resistance, to assist and support ourselves to move beyond our limitations and follow through with our 'WHYs'. Then, the next step when the thought/resistance comes up is to take a deep breath, remind ourselves of our 'WHYs' and simply push through and go out there to apply ourselves in the best way that we can. In other words, it is to step out of the comfort zone (from the thoughts that comes up in our mind) and do what we planned to do and walk the path that we set forth for ourselves and within that, to not allow any back door to our comfort zone in our minds to define our self-movement.


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