Jan 26, 2014 | By: A Woman

The Door is open - will you walk through it? - Day 445

Sometimes in our processes, we face moments where we either fall or we stand; where we either go back to our preprogram life path or we stand by principle; These moments I define as 'Open Door' where one will either walk through the door or close it and never look back.

When these doors open, it is an opportunity for self to test oneself in one's physical reality where one brings into physical manifestation the words that one claims to stand within and as. These 'tests' are fundamental points in one's process where one can assess oneself and one's living application in terms of who one is and what one stands for.


Walking through these doors is very easy as the doors take one to one's preprogram life path where one's patterns are playing out automatically and before one notices, one's mind takes over and it's done; the decision to fall was made;

Shutting down the door so absolute is a different story; it is the most 'difficult' decision one could face as the mind would do everything possible to stay 'alive' so to speak and keep one in one's preprogram life path; the physical reality would present itself in a glorified way, where all one desires are playing out in one single moment and saying 'no' or 'stop' to all of these potential desire manifestations takes a lot from self.


The fascinating thing is that when these doors open, one can clearly see everything, both the physical reality and the imaginary reality; one can see all the play-outs, outcomes and consequences; Now here, one is working with Energy where the play-outs of one's desire as imagination would carry a positive charge (Positive feelings) which is exactly what one's mind require to sustain itself. At the same time, there is a point of hidden stability, a point of direct seeing, a point of self - there one can find a key to shut down the door. Here, there is no energy, there is a principle as who one is and what one stands for and as.


The problem is that energies are what we have become, it is what we used to in a way and when these energies flow around the body, presenting itself in a very delightful way, the belief of wanting to following these energies can cause one to indulge in one's imagination and 'see' the positive play-outs that one is projecting in one's mind - this is where we usually fall and walk through the door, walk into our desires, our preprogram life path.


However, we all have access to the core of our beingness on some level; we all can make the decision of who we are and what we stand for in every single moment and what ever we decide, we must accept that it is us who made the decision. When one is close to make the decision to stop, shut the door and stand, one would find all sorts of thoughts/feelings/emotions coming up as one had program oneself to do everything possible to continue one's life path. Here, the secret is within self - to realize that 'It is me who makes the decision now'; 'It is me who has the power to decide'; 'It is me HERE'.


Practical support for such moments - Stand within yourself and apply immediate Self Forgiveness and Realign your commitments; You must be absolutely clear within yourself because otherwise, the mind would find a point to take you back because this is how we programmed our mind to act. Again, this won't be easy but it would be worth it because than you know - it was you who made the decision as a directive principle of who you are and what you stand for.





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