Aug 19, 2013 | By: A Woman

Seeing the Potential we can become - Day 407

Bernard had this ability to see the potential in others, to guide and support us to see ourselves, the real self; he assisted us to see our strengths, develop/empower our natural skills and to overcome the limitations we have defined as ourselves so that we could really grow and establish our self standing  within the principle of that which is best for all life. 

Bernard stood as a temporary stability point for us all and in standing as our stability point he gave us the opportunity to investigate, explore and see who we are and what we have become, what we accepted and allowed and what we will no longer accept within ourselves and this world, how can we perfect ourselves, how can we change ourselves to stand as living examples, as a principle, of that which is best for all life.

When he died, I could no longer lean on Bernard as a stability point; I have to stand as a stability point. I could no longer wait till he expose a point within myself that I haven't dealt with; I have to expose me to myself and walk through the point. I could no longer be dependent on him as a point of trust; I must become a living trust. I could no longer depend on him to support me and others; I must stand as self-support and thus supporting others.

When he died, the stability point he stood as for me that I created within myself - died with him and in that moment, I shifted into instability within and as myself. To understand though, that I am by no means saying that ‘he stood as stability FOR me’, no. For those who have met Bernard, when you’re with him – it’s like he could with/through his words, open up inside you a part of you, you haven’t realized yourself/seen yourself as a potential that you can be/become. I hadn’t realized before he died how I had, within myself, believed that ‘it was Bernard and Bernard only keeping me stable’ – when, all the while, it was in fact a point already existent within me, a potential already existent within me. Then I realized - the stability that I had seen within Bernard and also experienced within myself when with him - stood as a potential; the stability I experienced when Bernard was around is the stability I can stand as, for and as myself - it is what I can become through an accumulation of moment by moment where I direct and support myself to face that which I have separated myself from, correct, align, change - which is actually what Bernard always said: 1+1+1+1 moment by moment by moment by moment, till I stand.

He said to me once: there will be a moment where a window would open and you will be able to see and make a decision; Make sure that the decision is that which add +1 to the equality equation and that which would result with an outcome that is best for all. The window that had opened up with Bernard's death is showing the potential. The potential of what I can become as a stable and aware human being in any given moment. Bernard temporarily stood as that stability and showed me, that I can stand in stability and in awareness in every breath and thus I commit myself to assist and support myself to accumulate moments of awareness and stability until I stand in any given moment as a living principle, a living example and to then thus give to others that which Bernard gave to me - the opportunity to realize the potential we can become.


Ingrid Schaefer said...

Cool Maya thanks. I would like to mention that for me you were the stability point during the start of being a buddy in the dip-lite course.

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