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Beyond the Scene of Impatience voice tonality activation - Expansion - Day 436

Within this blog, I will expand a bit more on a statement I have written in my previous blog post:


"...Within this, thus showing me that I have also programmed a relationship between impatience and inferiority within me, where – if another is impatient / I perceive them to be impatient =  I react in inferiority…"


In the previous blog, I shared how I accessed inferiority within myself when I felt that I was not 'Knowledgeable' enough to share what I'm seeing within a specific point. What I also shared was how I could see myself accessing Inferiority and how I supported myself in that moment by taking a breath but unfortunately, I also accepted and allowed myself to be manipulated by myself within the belief that I was now stable. But, in the next moment, I perceived the other to be impatient towards me and/or what I expressed and immediately, I accessed inferiority again however now within the context of reacting to a voice tonality that I've defined as impatience.


When I investigated the two scenarios of Inferiority reactions as described above, I realize that -

The first inferiority reaction within the context of not being knowledgeable enough was a program that I created within myself wherein, every time I'm not fully understanding a specific topic, I experience myself inferior to those who know more than me. Here it was important for me to realize that taking a breath and believing that I'm clear and stable without checking all dimensions and relationship in the context of Inferiority and 'not being knowledgeable enough' is a dangerous point because, the physical reality showed me a moment later that I've not yet completely walked through and changed the programming "If I'm not knowledgeable enough = I react in inferiority". Though, there would be other times where I won't be as fortunate to have another moment presenting itself so quickly to show me that I've missed a point hence the "danger" of believing that I am calm/stable as a mind fuck manifestation that I've created within myself.  


So, with having  programs running inside myself:

"If I'm not knowledgeable enough = I react in inferiority..."

"If another is impatient / I perceive them to be impatient =  I react in inferiority…"

The second reaction to the voice tonality of Impatience is another program that I've created within myself however here, it was intense from the perspective of me being able to see in slow motion the activation point, the reaction, the movement inside myself in a quantum moment as the reaction of inferiority was now perpetuated through the voice tonality triggered in amalgamation with the first programming resonance platform awaiting to be activated again.


In a way you can say that the physical reality, the other being I was discussing with, supported me in seeing that the programming "If I'm not knowledgeable enough = I react in inferiority..." wasn't yet aligned within and as myself.

So, here it is for me to continue and investigating those 2 programs because the physical reality showed that there is still a point that I've missed, not seeing clearly yet within myself.


It is a Vicious Cycle from that perspective is how we activate systems/energies/programs/reactions within ourselves and then we believe that we calmed down, perceived ourselves as 'Stable', unaware that all this time other programs are still running in  an 'awaiting' mode for the next time a window of opportunity present itself and the program would activate, taking us to the starting point to realize that : "ooops, here it goes again.." lol however, if we miss the 'problem' or and we are not taking the responsibility to assist and support ourselves in our correction process - the cycle is vicious as it is a time loop that would again and again takes us to the very first point that we missed and unless we correct, we will continue looping.


Here we have to step further into the Quantum Mind.

I suggest investing and investigate in the Quantum Mind Interview series to better understand what the Quantum Mind is, what is its purpose and functionality. In a very simple explanation -the Quantum Mind is the Mind platform from which various systems are being activated on a conscious, subconscious and unconscious level. Once these system are activated, energy is created and for the Mind to continue to survive.


We are completely unaware of what is going beyond the scenes of our own mind; we seldom stop and ask ourselves: "But, where this reaction came from, what is the source?". The Fascinating thing is that if we look at the word: "Reaction" -> Re-Action -> Re-activation; meaning a reaction doesn't manifest just like that, there is always a platform or a place holder on a quantum mind level that 'host' (activate) the reaction in a specific space/time as a support for the mind to generate the energy it required for its survival. This obviously can only be done when we miss a breath, when we are unaware of ourselves, our physical body, our physical environment as we have separated ourselves from ourselves and that which is unconditionally here. 


What is the solution then - For myself, I have seen that I used to perceive myself as stable and/or clear within myself in the aftermath of a reaction towards someone or something. This experience with the reactivation of inferiority that I explained here, shows that there is much more to the mind/physical relationship that one could ever perceive.  Therefore, the solution is to continue and developing one's self honesty in how one is assisting and supporting oneself to really step out of the mind and into the physical in every moment of breath.

Another point is that I used to judge myself for accessing inferiority and/or when reacting to a specific voice tonality but then I realized that judging myself is counterproductive and not supportive in any way because within the judgment I abdicated my responsibility to empower myself in understanding my own created programming and within that, taking the responsibility to correct my living application within the principle of what is best for all.


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