Dec 30, 2013 | By: A Woman

Beyond the Scene of Impatience voice tonality activation - Day 435

There was a moment today where I accessed inferiority for a split second while being in a discussion with another being. When I noticed that I accessed inferiority I slowed myself down, took a breath and consciously snapped out of it however, there was still a resonance movement of inferiority within myself.


The next moment, I perceived the other to become impatient in their body movement and voice tonality expression which triggered a reaction within myself that locked into the inferior resonance  I had accepted and allowed the previous moment; therefore, the inferiority Re-activated again. Within this, thus showing me that I have also programmed a relationship between impatience and inferiority within me, where – if another is impatient / I perceive them to be impatient =  I react in inferiority.


Here, I really had to again slow myself down, see quickly what I had created within myself and my environment to ensure I do not compromise the quality of the discussion through the reactions that I had allowed within and as myself.


What I have found is that Resonance movement or layers if you will, slowly move inside the body despite one perceiving oneself stable after the effect. This shows how we are unaware of the harm and sabotage of our physical body within every time we accept and allow a reaction to activate within ourselves. I, for most part, was aware mostly to the reaction, to how my physical body is changing while/during a moment of reaction however, I am now starting to also see the consequences of the aftermath of a reaction which is the resonance manifestation within the physical body.


Consequences meaning - my experience of resonance activation or movement is like a smoky thick wall that I build inside myself to protect me from the other that I had a reaction to. It's like a defense mechanism through which I create a protection layer and so, when I'm in the environment with the being I had a reaction to, this wall/protection layer is resonating faster and I am more consciously aware of the words I speak from a 'Fear' starting point, I would become more aware of how I move, how I present myself and I would have thoughts towards the other, trying to find fault in them to make myself feel more than (which is simply the Inferiority design where one would try within oneself making oneself more than the other that one had perceived to be superior to self)


The interesting thing is that when the other is not in my immediate environment, the resonance movement is still here only that it moves much slower; Only when slowing down,  I can self honestly see and identify the slow motion resonance expression within myself. What I have realized through observing this within myself lately - the slow motion resonance movement is in essence a platform that is awaiting for external triggers to be activated; within the example I shared today, the other being that I previously reacted to, was the trigger that activated the resonance within myself - this resonance, when moving fast, generate energy within myself, this energy harm the physical body and slowly but surely, if these points not sorted out within myself, physical consequences may manifest over time and consistent participation in reactivation the system.


So - how to practically support oneself in these moments - Firstly it is to become aware that even when one perceived myself as stable after a momentary reaction, one must slow oneself down to ensure there is not aftermath resonance platform that is awaiting to be activated. Understand that as long as these resonance platform exists, one would easily react to an external trigger that one is facing within oneself.

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Sofia Cadavid said...

He notado que cuando escucho a personas discutiendo, tengo que ponerme a respirar para evitar involucrarme en el pensamiento de : " están destruyendo su cuerpo" entonces digo para mis adentros; perdono esa actitud en ellos y me perdono a mi misma por permitir que esa discusión me toque y se va disolviendo esa discusión antes de que me de cuenta. Parece mágico. Gracias .. .

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