Dec 24, 2013 | By: A Woman

When a past Memory possess you - Day 432

 A few weeks ago, I was invited to participate in a Zulu Radio show to discuss some issues about Education. While I was sitting in the recording room, 5 min before I was aired, a memory came up and in a matter of a moment, I allowed myself to be possessed by the memory and  the energies this memory was based on and therefore, the consequences were not late to manifest.


The memory that came up was from when I was 12 years old or so - I won in a TV game that I played from home and because I was the first one to win the game, I was invited to be interviewed in the TV studio on a LIVE show. In a nutshell, I was petrified from the event and I couldn't handle the experience very well. The thoughts of being on a LIVE TV was overwhelming. During the show, I felt so uncomfortable inside myself that my facial muscles started to twitch and as it happened, self judgment kicked in and I was absolutely embarrassed. I hadn't thought about this memory for years now until it was 5 or less min before I was aired and suddenly, this memory possessed me and all the energy I suppressed for 20 years came up at once and as I was busy with alignments (Self Forgiveness, breathing), it was time for me to start speaking BUT, I wasn't done with my corrective application and so - I started to speak while being possessed with the energy of the past memory.


Everything was moving fast, I had 7 min to speak even though the plan was for me to speak for 15 min and therefore, as I was busy with my correction, I was also required to speak and on top of that, to make it in half of the time that I had prepared myself for.


I'm grateful that Gian was with me and could support me to stabilize myself. The first thing he had told me after the show was "Stop! Don't say a word". That allowed me to have a moment to investigate what just happened and so I saw the entire play out of how one single memory took over, the moment I missed a breath. With the words: "Stop, don't say a word", I could quickly move from the self judgment mode to a self empowerment application where I realized that: "Ok, so this just happened, it's done, the show cannot be changed; so what can I learn from this event and how I can practically assist and support myself to prevent such events in the future?".


The reason why I shared with you this point was to make us all aware of how, we, in a split of a moment, miss a breath and allow a past memory to control and direct our living application. The example I shared here is an apparent example that was visible, noticeable and consequential however, realize and understand that in every moment that we miss a breath, we, in that moment allow past events to control and direct our living application. In many situations, we are not even aware of such memories and how these memories play a role within the words we speak and the actions we take. 

This can be prevented in time, as one walk one's process of self awareness in self honesty and thus I invite you to take the first step to better understanding your mind through the FREE online course - DIP Lite.




Joe Kou said...

very cool practical support here - thank you for sharing maya! yes in one breath when we are not moving ourselves, we are being moved by our own experiences/memories/projections.

very cool support of "Stop! Don't say a word!" - not allowing the energy to continue or for one to speak about a point when one is not HERE and stable - rather have a moment of bringing ourselves back and letting go of the energy, and THEN to have a look at the point - cool stuff!

A Woman said...

Thanks for the feedback Joe

Dan Malara said...

Really cool perspective, especially with the support that Gian gave. Thanks for sharing this event.

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