Dec 27, 2013 | By: A Woman

Voice Tonality - Sharpness - Day 434

imageContinuing with the blog series - Voice Tonality.

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Within this blog, I will explore the point of reacting to someone's sharpness voice tonality, as I've recently became aware of my tendency to react to this voice tonality in a very fascinating way.

The story was as follows - A few days ago, we had a discussion and someone was expressing themselves in a way that I've defined to be edgy towards myself and others in the environment. Edgy voice tonality can also be interpreted as a very sharp voice tonality.


So within myself, there was a very slight reaction which I didn't immediately saw or experienced; mainly because it wasn't specifically towards me alone but to everyone in the discussion so in my mind, I abdicated my responsibility to investigating whether or not I was reacting in that moment and rationalized the event to be 'their' point - not mine.


The next day, I experienced depression within myself - I wanted to sleep most of the day, I didn't know what was going on inside me because I couldn't pinpoint the experience. I spent most of the day in a state of sickness almost, physically tired and weak, not realizing that these manifestation is the ground I used to excuse myself from the physical reality and isolated myself. Every time the being was in my environment, I felt uncomfortable within myself, felt restless and wanted the being to go away and the best way I could avoid facing the being was to isolate myself in my room.

Finally I have realized that my behavior and physical manifestation is unacceptable and I decided to investigate the point and see what's going on inside myself and this is the fascinating point that I mentioned earlier - in terms of my experience within myself towards the other being, I experienced the sharp voice tonality as a knife that tear apart the relationship between us as an idea that I've created within myself; as if the relationship was sliced/cut in that moment and everything I have build up and developed with that person was gone; Thus, with that being going on in my inner reality, I unconsciously created my external reality to be in alignment to what I have experienced inside myself by isolating myself from the being. Furthermore, the depression was due the idea of the relationship being cut down into 2 pieces where I stand on the one end and the other is standing on the other end.


When I realized what I have done both internally and externally, there was immediate release within myself. I applied SF and directly moved into the correction where I went to the other being, gave them a big hug and shared with the being what I was facing/experiencing within myself.

So here again, reacting to a voice tonality is a gift for one to explore and investigate one's reaction towards another and most importantly, to get to know a part of self that one haven't seen before - for most part, once one walk through the reaction into a correction, one relationship with another actually becomes more enjoyable as one is able to spend time with the other and communicate with each other without having all sorts of reactions coming up from 'no where'.


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