Oct 9, 2013 | By: A Woman

Can Life be Controlled? - Day 416



http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/79/2e/67/792e67797f600ee319dd62131217be62.jpgIt is fascinating how we find ourselves in a state of Shock when things don't play out the way we expected it to be. State of Shock meaning, a reaction within ourselves where we miss a breath and go to our memory data base in our mind where we would either perpetuate our state of shock/reaction and direct ourselves and our environment based on emotions/feelings and in most cases create a conflict/frictions with others; or we would suppress our reaction within ourselves and find other ways and means to change the outcome to the outcome we originally expected to be played out.


What is interesting is that the more we suppress our reactions, the more we accumulate energy within us - the energy creates a smoke screen through which we cannot see what is physically here and thus, we cannot direct ourselves and/or our environment effectively. Furthermore, we haven't realized that what we are actually trying to do within ourselves is to Control the outcome, Control the people in our world, control our environment and fascinating enough, what we are not aware of throughout this all process is how we are controlled within ourselves through and as our mind. Lol


What I have found for myself is that my entire existence thus far was based on the 'need' to control specific outcomes and thus reacting within myself when the outcome wasn’t the one I expected/desired for.

Interestingly enough, I have found that I've been trying to control events/moments that are not controllable meaning, the moment/event is already absolute, there is no return from how the point played out, there is nothing that can be done to change the outcome and yet, within myself, still holding on to the point, within a reaction, instead of allowing myself to grow, expand and empower myself by allowing myself to learn from the event, realizing who I am in relation to the event and so forth.


In other instances, I would direct the point that didn't played out as how I would expect it to be, effectively; and yet, I would do it within and as energy, from a subtle reaction, from a starting point of control not realizing that I truly do not require the energy to move myself to direct a specific points and if anything, I may have seen others venues, directions that can be walked if I would first clear myself from the reaction as a need to control the outcome, looking at all the relationship involved, seeing what is physically presented and then, direct the moment/event/environment in stability and clarity.

For example, the other day I found out that someone did a mistake and I wasn't happy about it and immediately I went into a reaction within myself within the thought: "This is not acceptable, I should have known about it sooner". I couldn't see the reaction at first, I couldn't see that I'm trying to control these types of future outcomes in an ineffective ways because instead of looking and investigating the source of what led the being to make the mistake to practically support them to change their living application, I went to the direction of: "I must be informed about these stuff immediately". Retrospective - me knowing about it sooner won't change the outcome because I can only know about something after the event. Though, if I know about it sooner, I would be able to support the being to not make the same mistake again. So here, the direction I took of "I must know about it sooner" is valid from the perspective of understanding my responsibility of support though, my starting point wasn't of support, my starting point was of control. So here is an example for what I meant by saying that I may directed the point effectively but at the same time from the starting point of control, not realizing that my responsibility is not to control but to support within the principle of Prevention is the best cure. What I misunderstood within the context of prevention is the best cure is that I can only prevent a specific outcomes from occurring again if I walk my responsibility of support as without support, there is no prevention process in place.


Will continue in my next blog to expand on the point of controlling the outcome as I open up more dimensions for us to see the extent of us actually being controlled through the desire to control.



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