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Self-knowledge is the only basis of true knowledge - Day 415

This blog opened up for me when I watched the documentaries:

Waiting for Superman -

The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman -


Initially, when I watched the documentary 'Waiting for Superman' I was within myself blaming the US Education system for locking in to the schooling system ineffective teachers . This is done  by law, wherein so long as a teacher taught for 3 years, the teacher is protected by the system regardless of their effectiveness, their willingness to empower students or having effective teaching skills. Within that, the primary point the documentary was glorifying was that the problem isn't for instance poverty or lack of resources, the problem is the quality of the teachers.

What  I momentarily missed when I watched the documentary was the level of the brainwashing the documentary consists of meaning - the examples that were shared created emotional disposition within myself to a point of almost believing that the teachers are to blame. This is how brainwashing works - creating a specific emotional disposition that those who don't have the tools to question what they are exposed to, immediately go into the point of belief that what they were exposed to is the ultimate truth. Unfortunately, none of us were taught to develop these skills to step beyond our emotional states and actually investigate all dimensions/perspective/research to see the source of the actual problem to be able to find the solution that would manifest the best for all results.


Then, the documentary presented a "solution" and the solution was a charter schools where the quality of the teachers is high as well as the level of dedication, motivation and resources. within myself, I was quiet satisfied that the charter school exist in the US as I for a moment, I believed it gives some children a chance to find their true potential in a life of extreme inequality. Looking at myself from an observer eye's view - I was an automated robot that took in the information without investigating what the documentary is all about.  And, it is again another example of how  brainwashing  works wherein I allowed my emotional disposition being the directive principle within a specific moment without questioning the source, the starting point of the documentary.


Fortunately, the next documentary that came up on Google was "The Inconvenient truth Behind waiting for Superman" which assisted and supported me to see how easily I was drawn into blame and frustration instead of literally investigating all things and keep the solution that is best for all. In this documentary, it was shown that stats regarding the charter schools success for instance, can be easily manipulated to show what the mass wants to see while the physical evidence shows different results ; It showed who is behind the 'waiting for superman' documentary and how it was for their benefits. It showed the lack of support the teachers have in being able to empower themselves, enhance their teaching skills and to become the best that they can be within the process of educating the students across America.


I'm not saying that what the ' Inconvenient truth Behind waiting for Superman' documentary is now the truth, what I'm saying is that there are many layers and dimension one must investigate  before coming to the conclusion that something is the truth. I'm using the 'waiting for superman' documentaries to show that we must always investigate and questioning the information we are exposed to and to within that, assist and support ourselves to step out of the emotional mind behavior to be able to effectively process the information and to see the greater pictures within the ocean of information that is available.


Our education system simply does not support the development of effective human beings that has what it takes to be able to question and investigate information but instead, our education system support submissive behavior of the mass through a long process of dumbing us down to maintain and sustain the status-quo as it exists today.

For more context, I suggest listen to GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL NOW!!!! by John Taylor Gatto.


This is why, the solution is 'Self-Knowledge' as in Man know thyself - and within that context, to start developing the skills to questions not only the system but to start with ourselves as this system is just an external manifestation of that which we have accepted and allowed within and as ourselves.

it is about SELF and developing the skills do question the inner self and the outer self meaning - as within so without - we have created this system as our image and likeness and thus, it will be us who can change the system into a system that honor LIFE. as with everything, it start with our own self-introspection, self-investigation, self-questioning and thus self-knowledge to understand our responsibility within it all, to stop blaming everything and everyone and to instead of  focusing on the problems, to focus on the solutions.


Maya R said...

thanks woman, great blog, when i saw waiting for superman, i had mixed feelings and then the second one helped me realize some points that i took for granted... i wrote a response to your blog, thanks for the inspiration :)

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