Jun 13, 2013 | By: A Woman

Why did we stop questioning our reality? (Part 1) - Day 387



There is this video that is running around the net now - Vegan rainbow child, Luiz Antonio - how world is changing with new generations. I obviously have my doubts about the starting points of the people who are promoting this video and how come the mother decided to suddenly take a camera and start filming but, putting aside these doubts I do want to share my 2 cents regarding this video.


Within today blog, I will specifically talk about the Children ability to see what we, as adults, are not able to see and within that, why is it that children question their reality and do not simply accept what they have been told but rather keep and asking the question: "Why?".


Most people I know, get irritated at some stage when the child does not stop to constantly ask: "but why?" and they later define it as the "Terrible Two", hoping that it will fade away as soon as possible without realizing that what they are actually  wishing for is that the child start suppressing their natural ability to question reality and start "acting" like "normal" human beings from the perspective of accepting the system and submitting to its set of norms and values.


I mean, how many times have you heard parents answering the child's genuine question "Why?" with the words "just because" / "because! (with high pitch sound) / "because this is what it is" / "because this is how it works" and the most famous one: "Because I said so".

How many parents do you know that actually take the time to explain the child the exact mechanics, relationships and the time lines involves within the child's questions? How many parents actually considered the child's ability to understand a point so specifically despite of their young age and lack of experience in life?

How many parents justified for themselves that there is no point in explaining the nitty gritty details to the child because the child would not be able to comprehend it anyway?


So here is a child that had taken a moment to question the food he received on his plate. Now, I cannot tell whether the family had previously brainwashed the kid that one should not eat animals and this was just a show run where the child repeating the point that was already discussed at home but since I cannot confirm the point, let's give it the benefit of the doubt because at the end of the day, there is a distinctive pattern that we are able to identify, work with, correct and eventually prevent.


Back to the point - so the kid was questioning his food and started asking if the food that he has on his plate is in essence an animal that had head and legs before it manifested in the shape he sees in front of his eyes. And he moves with the point and suddenly realize that a lot of the food that people eat was previously a living animal that had legs and heads and accordingly, he decide to not eat this specific meal because from his perspective, animals should not be eaten but taken cared for.

Whether or not I agree to this conclusion will be discussed in blogs to come but for now, my focus is on the ability of a child to question their reality and yet, this ability gets lost as we grow up and since we "lost" our ability to question reality, we also didn't question why is it that we stopped questioning our value system, beliefs, opinions and so on as we grow in age.


Will continue with this in my next blog.


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