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The Answer is within the Question - Day 390



















This is a continuation of the previous blog: Why did we stop questioning our reality? (Part 1) - Day 387 and

Why did we stop questioning our reality? (Part 2) - Day 388 and Why children do not respects Parents? - Day 389. For the full context of this blog, I suggest reading through these blogs for context.


So why have we stopped questioning our reality? How is it that at a young age we constantly asked: "But Why?" and then all of a sudden we became these beings that had submitted to the system that is dysfunctional in nature and yet, do not question it whatsoever? And of course, we cannot even question why we didn't thus far question because that would indicate that we are questioning our reality but since we are so use to not question anything, we end up where we are - in a dysfunctional world system where Equality, Integrity and Oneness is no where to be found; in a world system that is based on Greed, Power and Control where the winner takes it all; in a world system where unless you have money, you are not safe; in a world system that it's based foundation is to keep the human enslaved, limited and ineffective; it is time to start questioning our reality and in doing so, also walk the solutions and establish a world we can all be proud at.


As I've shown in the previous blogs, suppressing our natural ability to understand and comprehend a point was taken cared of at home, by our parents. And they cannot be blamed because they have been suppressed and limited by their own parents which are also not to be blamed because they have walked the same path with their parents and so on and on and on... the sin of the fathers keep on passing generation after generation. But the cycle must be stopped eventually and the questions must be asked and resolve into a solution that is best for all.


It seems to me that at some stage in our lives, when we realize that we are not going to live the happily ever after story as how we would have pictured and imagined our lives to be, for a glimpse of a moment we find ourselves wondering how did we come to this point and what went wrong during the way. We will start questioning our lives and from here, one of two things would happened: most likely, we would again submit to our course of life and justify for ourselves why our lives is just perfect the way it is and in rare cases, we would continue to investigate but once we realize that we are the solution, that we are the key, we will immediate give up and then justify for ourselves again why we shouldn't even bother. Yes, there are also these rare cases were we become activists and make a small and insignificant change in the world and again, justify for ourselves that we did our share and that is all that one can do. Although, there is one thing that none of us have yet to realize and that is - on the individual level, we cannot make a change however, once we stand together, as humanity and we align ourselves to the principle of absolute equality as what is best for all then… we can make a change.


It isn't going to be easy and with any new change, resistance will come up and it's ok - we have all been there and walked this point and you can read all about it in our journeys to life but the thing is - the answer is within the question and all we have to do is keep on asking the questions so that we can finally see the answer that was always here.


Join us in our journey of questioning our reality and see the answer for yourself.






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