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The Abusive History and the Real History - Noam Chomsky - Day 392


End abuse with equal money


"...So, he goes briefly through the record and he says well, you know, in case after case, in fact like maybe a hundred percent, we've done the opposite of what our purpose is. He says, however, to focus on this is to make an error, a logical error. What actually happened, he said, is the abuse of history, the history itself is the way events are reflected in our consciousness. So, in other words, if we see ourselves as benevolent, that's real history. What actually happened, well kind of like on the side, that's the abuse of history…"


"...The abusive history, what matters is the way we think about ourselves. We think about ourselves as incapable of committing crimes. Everything we do, we make a lot of errors, you know, you can't help it. Mistakes all over the place, but out of naïveté or, you know, misplaced kindness or something like that. I just happened to be listening to NPR driving in this morning and there's a discussion going on about Obama's speech in Cairo. And there's a debate, you know, is he too apologetic about America. I'm getting sick and tired of all this apologetics that, you know, apologizing for everything we do. And others say well, you know, we have to admit that we've made mistakes. How about the truth?..."


Source http://www.truth-out.org/speakout/item/16703-democracy-and-education-in-the-21st-century-part-1-dan


Yes, how about the truth?

The truth is far worse than what you would like to imagine. The Truth is that these "naïve" mistakes are deliberate, precalculated and precise; These "Mistakes" were made and still being made to (ab)use the power the Elite countries have to dominate the Poor countries.

I suggest to expand your understanding regarding this so called 'mistakes' by reading the book: "Confession of the Economic Hit man" where the history of these "mistakes" is shared in great details so that one can see the difference between the abusive History that as of yet we do not want to see and the history we believe to be real.


Let's have a look at another dimension -

When Hitler threw the Jews to the gas chambers, the entire world understood that it is a crime against humanity and to justifying this crime as a mistake is not conceivable. However, ripping countries apart, leaving the little man to starve to death, to have modern slaves in the world of 2013 IS justified as mistakes instead of calling the duck by it's name - it is a crime against humanity and it is exactly the same as throwing the Jews to the gas chamber only that the majority of the world today could only wish that their death would be as quick while the fact of the matter is that their death, that is certain, is a very slow, painful and cruel death process. There is no mistakes here - we are all committing a crime against humanity by accepting and allowing the constant suffer that exists in this world when we have the solution to make a change and to correct these "mistakes" by changing the way we look at things, changing the way we approach things and changing the value we defined Life to be.

We are all murderers because we can stop this from happening and in every day that goes by and we didn't stand up to stop the brutal economic and political system, we are committing a crime against humanity.


For instance, just to give you an example of how we participate in the death of many in this world -

We all love free stuff right? We all love buying stuff for cheap. So imaging that within today's world, we are able to buy a full package of Potatoes for $3 give or take. Now, I'm pretty sure that many of you aren't aware of the processes involve with growing potatoes, nurturing the potatoes and at the end of the day, picking them out of the ground, cleaning the potatoes and then wrapped it in a nice packages. Then, we are looking at delivering these potato packages to the local stores, store them, unpack them and then present it to the end client.

How many beings are involved in this process? How much of this $3 the little workers that dig the ground, that carries it, that wash it, actually get? And guess what, when the price drop to $2 we then even feel happier without considering that it means that the people who were involved in this process are getting nothing and that in essence, their entire existence is to be our slaves. Have you ever considered that when you are buying something for cheap? Have you ever considered the Child labor that is also involved within it? Have you ever considered that we are responsible for this economic system? Have you ever consider that we are responsible for a slow and painful death process of the modern slaves in this world?

And, if nothing changes in let's say the next 20 years, we will still justify it as a mistake instead of a crime against humanity. Isn't that bizarre?


So - let's stop the miss taking and take our responsibility because we are dealing here with long term consequences that can be prevented if something inside ourselves start moving towards the principle of 'that which is best for all lives' and unless we direct ourselves based on this principle - have no mistake - we are all directly abusive murderers.


Investigate the Equal Money System – where Humanity and Sanity starts.





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