Jun 28, 2013 | By: A Woman

Propaganda - Full North-Korean Documentary - Day 393

If you haven't already, I suggest taking the time to watch the Propaganda - Full North-Korean Documentary.



We can not see what we already are; we can not see what we have become; It is a physical evidence - if we were to see, we would have already do something to change our current way of living.

For instance - You know how it is so easy to give someone an advise but how difficult it is for us to apply our own advise? Or how difficult it is for us to see that we are walking towards destructive path but when another is walking that path, we can see it is not the best for them.


This documentary that was done by the North Korean describe what we, the westerns, are not able to see for ourselves because we are too far gone within our own consumer brainwashed minds. The very same mind that would allow the abuse in this world to continue for the benefits of our own comfort zones that we can financed in one way or another. The very same mind that have given up long time ago on Principles of Equality and Love your neighbours as yourself. The very same mind that is a product of PR forces that were deliberately design to keep us captive within ourselves so that we would never question and system and guess what - it worked - none of us is questioning the system for real but only through our self interest point of views.


This documentary may most likely be faced with resistances and reactions by most of us western people but I Dare you to take a moment and watch this thing as it is one of the first steps of understanding what is really going on inside ourselves - it is real well done eyes openers. If you dare to walk the second step, I would suggest here to expand your understanding with watching the Century of the Self and if you were able to stay tuned throughout all of this - you are ready to start taking responsibility for your own mind, your own automated behaviour and beliefs about yourself and from there, to truly support yourself to step out of the box (Mind) and start walking the correction process to become a pillar in this world by example of your actions and deeds. So when you are ready for your third step, join us to on the Free online course - DIP Lite - where you, as the Answer, start your process of change/correction to become an effective human being in this world that is able to have critical and reason thinking through which you can find the solutions to support yourself and others in this world.


kimamourette said...

This is an excellent documentary. Much common sense shared, and is an example that a fish in the water cannot even see the water for what it is, whereas those on the 'outside' have a much better view. Fascinating. Thanx for sharing!

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