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Jamie Oliver - Nugget experiment - Day 380

If you haven't already, I suggest watching this short video where Jamie Oliver conducting a fantastic experiment on American kids to find out whether or not they will eat food after they come to know the ingredients as well as the method that was used to make their favourite food - Chicken Nuggets.


This blog is a continuation to the blog series where the question: Who is Responsible for our Children's Education? is asked.


It is no longer a secret that what we eat is not what is best for the human physical body which is one of the reasons for the increasing cases of health problems such as diabetes, heart failure and so on.

It is also no longer a secret that the habits the child is picking up in their first 7 years would be part of their life style and that life style would pass on generation after generation. For instance, in my case as  a third generation of the holocaust survivals - when I was a child, I was asked to finish everything in my plate even though I wasn't hungry or did not like the food I was given. The reason was that I must appreciate the fact that I have food  to eat because it was not available for my grandparents and from my parents and grandparents perspective, throwing a way my leftovers was not acceptable and therefore, I must eat the food so it won't be wasted.  The holocaust stories where always been used as a manipulation tactic to engage with my morality system and to create emotional disposition within me until I finish the food. (I wonder why these actions by parents in this world do not fall under the definition of Brainwashing). I remember hating the food I was forced to eat and obviously, I cheated and found ways to "finish" my food without eating it and yes, the cats in the field loved it :-).


However, as I grow up and went to the world by myself, some of these habits stick within me and I felt guilty when I didn't finish the food I had on my plate and when I saw someone throwing away their food I judged them and defined them as disrespectful. It took me a while to take this programming out once I realized that the food I cannot finish, can be allocate to feed the animals for instance so that everyone can be fed and equilibrium is established. Although, I cannot say that this programming is entirely out as I see every now and then that it kicks in and I do automated actions without my awareness and when I catch myself and investigate the point, it leads me to the past, to wasting food, to guilt and morality.

Thus, it is crucial for us to understand that what we teach our children will be part of their personal character that would influence their lives and the lives of others.


In our consumerized world where we seek for the quick fix, the food industry play a major role. Parents simply do not have the time to prepare a decent meal for their children and therefore, the child would eat processed food that can be made instantly. Whether or not the food is supporting the physical body is questionable and as the results shows, the answer is very clear - it does not.


In the experiment Jamie Oliver did, one can see the extent of the brainwashing and how the child would choose their food according to their eating habits that they have picked up at home despite of knowing that what they eat is not supportive in anyway whatsoever. From Jamie's perspective, his experiment failed because he was under the impression that the kids won't eat the food after he exposed to them what is the Chicken Nugget is actually made from and yet, all of them wanted to eat the nuggets after it was shaped in the familiar shape the used to eat.

Here we can look at the term 'Free Choice' and ask the question - is there a free choice when a child is exposed to massive brainwashing on a daily basis? Is there really a free choice when the child is not aware to the processes that the body is going through in processing the food that the child is taking in and the consequences thereof?


So - this will be one blog in a series of Jamie's Oliver Food Revolution review blogs and I'd like to thank him for taking this point to teach and show society what we are actually doing to our own body, how we are abusing the gift that we have given in birth and how to prevent and correct the current problem in this field of food and brainwashing.


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