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Image vs. Health - Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Review - Day 385


This is a continuation to the blog Series review about Jamie Oliver's TV series - Food Revolution.

Thus, if you haven't already, I suggest watching Jamie Oliver's TV series - Food Revolution and read through the blog series where the question: Who is Responsible for our Children's Education? is asked.


This is a direct continuation though to the blog: Dysfunctional Governmental Food Department - Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Review - Day 384 -


In Episode 4 of the Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Jamie went to raise 150,000$ to sponsor the Program/project of changing the food the children eat within all the schools in the town. From his perspective, he wanted to make sure that the program/project will continue after he is gone so that the change is substantial and stand as a long lasting solution.


BUT - apparently, one of the things that is taken into consideration when a committee is in a process of deciding whether or not they will approve the funds required, is the Image of the town within the eyes of America because, if they approve the funds, it is as if they admit that they have Obesity problem and they do not want to present themselves to the world in a way that the world would negatively judge them. Why? Because running a town is like running a business and the way they had justify for themselves is through looking at the following irrationality - "Who would want to bring their money into a town of Obese people?";  "Who would want to make a business with Negatively judged town?"

When Jamie asked a very direct question: "what is more important, Money or Health?" the answer was: "is it not the same"? Now personally, I really don't see the correlation between Money and Health except for the fact that without money you will die but apparently within this current world system but I do not see how the Value of Money is more than the Value of Health.

And if we look at the irrationality that was presented by the committee, doesn't it make more sense that healthy town would attract more potential businesses? Doesn't it make more sense that instead of luring people into a destructive town where they would eventually find out the truth about it, to first correct the problem, prevent it and provide the proper tools to support the population in that town by running a healthy and physically supportive life style so that the business that would come to the town would have an example that a change is possible once proper education and care is in place?


We are living in an era where the moral values are skewed and Irrationality became the common standard from which decisions are made based on one's self interest. We are living in an era that money directs decisions without considering all points and making decisions that are based on what is best for all. We are living in an era where we justify to ourselves why it is ok to support a slow and painful death processes so long as we have money to sustain our own self cantered lives on the expanse of others. We are living in an Era of ignorant, unhealthy and uneducated people that are incapable of making the decisions that are best for them and all.

In this point of the evolution of mankind, we should have been much more sophisticated and intelligent although, our physical actions show the contrary. It is time to stop, correct, prevent and change. It is time to evaluate our value systems. It is time to wake up.


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