May 7, 2013 | By: A Woman

The Botox Epidemic - Day 362




Continuing with the Question Who is Responsible for our Children's Education?


"For many of the injections use a drug made from the most lethal poison known to man"


"One of the most deadly poisons known to man has been turned into a radical new treatment that could benefit thousands of stroke victims. Botulinum toxin, or Botox, is so dangerous in high doses that it can kill by paralysing the body's muscles"


"A British mother who admitted on American TV that she gave her eight-year-old daughter Botox injections has had the child taken away by social workers.

‘What I am doing for Britney now will help her become a star. I know one day she will be a model, actress or singer, and having these treatments now will ensure she stays looking younger and baby-faced for longer. All I want is for Britney to have the best start in life, so it is easier for her to become a superstar."


"Across Britain, the goal among today’s youth-obsessed 20-somethings seems to be age prevention.

In fact, according to a recent Superdrug survey, women become concerned about the effects of ageing at just 29, with their top worries being wrinkles and crow’s feet.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Anne Marie Gillet, of Transform Cosmetic Surgery, says the company has seen a 56 per cent year-on-year increase in inquiries for wrinkle-smoothing treatments among 18 to 25-year-olds."


So I am asking - Who is responsible for our children's education? Who is responsible for our children's health?

Why these procedures are even allowed to be done on children without a psychological consult?

It is scary to even think about what our children are exposed to, what they accept as their value system when they watch TV, what ideas they insert into their minds, what desires and beliefs;  all of that is done without any parental input and in many cases, even when parental input it shared, the input isn't what is best for the child to actually accept themselves, trust themselves and grow in self-confidence.

98megryan200_20010705_02498.jpgInstead, we hear about celebrities that have fucked up their body under the knife of plastic doctors who would do anything for money and even though it is absolute disgusting, we would stand in awe and say - "It look so good on her, I want a surgery too/ I must get my child under the knife so that she could have a chance in life to become a superstar" - these strange things do happen and don't think that if that didn't happen to you or with you, that you are not part of the problem because We are all part of this problem. Mother of 8 years old girl that injected Botox to her child is our direct responsibility - because none of us had actually stood up and demand that only that which is best for all will be allowed in this world.


So please, when you read about Celebrities that overdue cosmetic procedures or kids between 8-25 having Botox done - do not judge their parents, do not judge the child or the doctors because realize - we have created a world system where such things are accepted and allowed. We have not created a  best for all education that would actually enhance the natural skills of a child to become the best the child can be, we have not establish an education system that support the basic life skills all should have and we have certainly, do not stand as an example for the younger generation.


Thus - isn't it the time to stop judging, blaming and complaining about what we see/hear on the news but instead, to start coming with solutions that can actually be part of a global change that is best for all?

If you understand what I'm saying here and would like to stand as an example, as a key for a change that is best for all and thus best for you too, if you understand what care really is - investigate and study the Equal Money System wiki pages, the Equal money blogs and vlogs.




gabriel said...

I can respond to the question of why at the age of 29 the woman become more concerned with their "aging problem", it is because we the family, friends, partner, become like a punishment in their minds, by always saying that you know, "oh, you are approaching your 30´s", you are becoming old, and of course they begin to see themselves as their mothers or the old people around them, becoming more and more close to the realization that they are getting older; Woman of the world, when you hear us (men) saying that you are getting older, don´t listen to us, we are idiots, lol

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