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Does your child really have a behaviour disorder? (Part 1) - Day 363

(Stock image) James Davies believes that doctors are too quick to diagnose children with disorders such as ADHDContinuing with the Question Who is Responsible for our Children's Education?


Below is an article that was published on the about the relationship between the growth of Psychiatric prescriptions and the pharmaceutical industry. From my perspective, all parent MUST read this article before even considering that there might be something wrong with the child because the evidence shows that there is nothing wrong with the child but rather, the lack of understanding which cause one to make uninformative decisions that would affect the child's life.

A shocking book by a leading therapist reveals how millions of us - including children - are wrongly labelled with psychiatric problems


So within this article, one can follow a few time lines of events. Here is an example of one of them:

->Child didn't do well in school

->-> the child started a fight with another kid

->->-> School sends the child to a psychological evaluation

->->->-> doctor prescribe medication according to the DSM manual.

->->->->-> The child takes the drugs because the parents say so.

->->->->->-> The child is now less distracted in school.


A parent, is not trained to be a parent and therefore, is easily being manipulated by what we call "professional" consults of a psychologist or psychiatrist. Have you ever even question the reason why is it that for everything in this world one must first acquire a license however, one doesn't need a license or any form of education to become a parent? Interestingly enough, if you trace back the reason why most things in this world requires a from us a license, one would see that behind it all, it is beneficial for the system and it is therefore, making someone very rich. For instance, if you want to build a house, how many licenses and agreement you must first issue before you start placing the first brick? And how much money you must spend to acquire this license? What is also interesting within the structure of the word 'License' or the sound of the word 'License' is: Lie-Sense. The sense of Lie and yet, none of us smell the roses even if the rose was inside our nose, the very same way that all the physical evidence are just in front of us and yet, we do not see the truth of ourselves, our acceptances and allowances.

But anyway, it is also very profitable for the parents to not be trained to be a parent because apparently, the less the parent understand the responsibility involved with being a parent, the more easy it is to influence the parent to spend enormous sum of money for the child well being because if there anything the parent does know is that the parent isn't enough for the child and therefore, must invest the necessary funds to make sure that the child will receive the best care possible. And that is exactly why we were not trained to be a parent because if we knew how to be parents, we wouldn't be so easily fooled by the system that is based on greed, power and control.

Here is one very good example of the relationship between forced ignorance of the parent and the well being of the child that is becoming more and more Unwell being of a child.


By now, we all know that the pharmaceutical industry doesn't carry benevolent and genuine care for humanity but quite to the contrary, it is based on principles of Greed wherein, everything is allowed and in that, harm is allowed as long as more money comes in. Many of us have already realize that one cannot trust the pharmaceutical industry as it is one of the most corrupted industries existing on earth and yet, we all keep supporting the industry despite of us knowing it is not trustworthy. Why is it? how is it that even though we can add 1+1 and calculate it as 2, we still stand in awe for what the 'professional' are telling us, the same professionals that are being paid directly and indirectly by the pharmaceutical companies, to medicate our children despite of the absence of any biological evidence that the child require the medication.

More will be discussed and shared in the next blog.


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