May 22, 2013 | By: A Woman

Pope blasts 'cult of money' that tyrannises poor - Day 373





Pope Francis. Photo / AP


"Pope Francis has denounced the global financial system, blasting the "cult of money" that he says is tyrannising the poor and turning humans into expendable consumer goods.

In his first major speech on the subject, Francis demanded that financial and political leaders reform the global financial system to make it more ethical and concerned for the common good.

He said: "Money has to serve, not to rule!"

It's a message Francis delivered on many occasions when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, and it's one that was frequently stressed by retired Pope Benedict XVI.

Francis, who has made clear the poor are his priority, made the comments as he greeted his first group of new ambassadors accredited to the Holy See."



I, for once, agree with the Pope - our economic system is a cult of Money where the winner takes it all while the majority of people starve, struggle to survive, abused and controlled by the very few with the power to decide who lives and who dies by the name of Money.

What the Pope has said in essence is that an Equal Money System must be politically established  so now that we have the Pope stamp, would we go for it and make it happen?


We have the solution for a new economic system - the Equal Money System is a System that is based on ONE principle: LIFE THAT IS BEST FOR ALL LIVING BEINGS. Education, Health Care, Housing, Food, transportation, Technological improvements - all and more must be reformed to result with one outcome - enhancing the Lives of all living beings in the world to a fundamental level of integrity, respect, honor and protection - this is the application of what Human Rights practically means.


One thing is clear - the call for the Financial and Political leaders will not be answered by the current world leaders and thus, we must become the answer ourselves in making sure that we place ourselves in positions that would ensure the implementation of a new world that is best for all. So let’s take the power to change back to ourselves and walk together towards a solution by transforming the current Cult of Money to the Cult of Life where honor, integrity and respect is visible, measurable and applicable.


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