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The Difference between Adoration and Love - Day 372



Full_relationship-success-support-loveThis point opened up today on Facebook by Dorit Bar where she was enticing the readers' mind to look at the difference between Adoring someone to Loving someone and so, I decided to participate in the thread she opened up by writing this blog:


We all have pictures in our mind about something and/or someone; and a good example of this is by a simple exercise: Speak the name of your best friend - What would you see immediately in your mind? a picture of this friend. Try this again, speak the name of your loved one and what would you immediately see in your mind - the image of the person you love. Now, let's try another thing - Speak the name of your most hateful person in your world - what would you see? The picture of this person.

That means that no matter what is your experience towards a person, the first thing that would come up in your mind is a picture of this person. If you slow yourself down, you could also noticed that there is a positive or a negative energy that comes up and suddenly, your physical body would start changing slightly. This means that just by speaking another person name, there is a network of information that one is able to immediate access to and consciously aware of as well as information that one would automatically access to that one would not even be aware of until one would be shown that this had actually happened in one's mind. (Obviously, within the process of writing and investigating what one is accepting and allowing one to be and become, one is slowly become more and more aware of what is really going on in one's mind - for this I suggest to investigate the DIP Lite Free online course). The experience associated with the person would determine according to your interpretation of the person, according to your past events, memories, experiences, knowledge that in most cases, doesn't have anything to do with the person themselves but rather, only how you perceive the person through your own mind.


Alright, so now that we understand what does it means having a picture in our minds towards another, we can have a look at the following point:

Many of us have people we adore - it can be anything from a celebrity or a politician, a teacher or a parent - we created an image of the ones we adore in our mind and we start associating the pictures with characteristic that we believe these people hold within themselves. So now for instance, we have been "lucky" and the person we adore is interested in us and a relationship start developing. Initially, we would feel the butterflies and the excitement because from our perspective, the person we just started being in a relationship with, carries all the characteristics that we have assigned to them in our minds (without even knowing them), the very same characteristic that made us adoring them in the first place. So the relationship started off on the promise that what is in our mind is what real and from adoring them, we are now moving to loving them but a few weeks/months/years later, we start realizing that the picture we created in our mind has nothing to do with the reality; has nothing to do with the person we are in a relationship with; and soon enough, the relationship fall apart because the imagination reality didn't meet the physical reality and what we based our relationship upon, the ground from which the feelings has emerged is no longer there and the relationship collapse - this is also how quick Love turns into Hate.

Obviously, not all relationships fall apart - according to the stats, 50% of the marriages ends up in divorce and then the cycle repeat itself with another relationship that started off from a picture in our mind, evolved into characteristic we assigned to the pictures and moved into feelings we associated with our inner experiences and again, there are 50% chances that the Feeling will soon enough change into Emotions of Hate and resentment.


This means that there isn't much difference between Adoring someone and Loving someone - both are the outflow of something we have actually created within our minds. There is a value system attached to it, there is a self interest attached to it and in no way we have based the relationship on a principle of absolute support wherein both would stand as a pillar of unconditional support to enhance, empower and grow each other in becoming a better human beings in this world that would care enough to stand up and take responsibility for one's mind in a clear decision of what one would accept and allow within oneself and one's world and what one would not.


I wouldn't trust Love unless it is measurable on a physical level where one Live the word Love in every breath one take where one move and direct oneself towards one goal - bringing the Expression of Love to earth by creating a world system that protect, honor and respect all lives.  Saying you love someone and hate another, saying you love someone and allow the majority to live in misery isn't Love - it is an empty word that is based on self interest. Love would be a visible action of doing what ever it takes to change this world system to a system that support all living beings.


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