May 26, 2013 | By: A Woman

The Fall of our Education System - Day 374

"While children from different backgrounds typically develop language skills around the same age, the subsequent rate of vocabulary growth is strongly influenced by how much parents talk to their children. Children from professional families (who were found to talk to their children more) gain vocabulary at a quicker rate than their peers in working class and welfare-recipient families. "


Source: Betty Hart and Todd R. Risley. Brookes Publishing, 1995 (4th printing, January 2003)


With the research that was done by Psychologists, from Edinburgh University found:


"People whose reading skills had been one level above average at the age of seven, for example, went on to earn £5,000 a year more 35 years later, at the age of 42.


Prof Timothy Bates and Stuart Ritchie, a graduate student, explained: "These findings imply that basic childhood skills, independent of how smart you are, how long you stay in school, or the social class you started off in, will be important throughout your life." 



And this is in essence the World we live in - if you born to the right side of the equation, you will be able to make something of yourself in this life and if you were unlucky and born in the 'wrong' side of the equation, the chances that you be able to step out the cycle of poverty and financial stress is highly unlikely.


And yet, we live in a world where the market is "Free"; in a world of Glorified Capitalistic system;  It isn't a free or glorified system when you read the data above isn't it?


This is a system that fails to see everyone as Equal by giving everyone FREE access  to the MARKET regardless your DNA, where you were born and what skin color you have; This system so conveniently ignores  the fact that in the moment one born, one have the right to Live and this right is protected, honored and respected with the actual meaning of HUMAN RIGHTS. This system that we have today is nothing but empty words that would give one the illusion of hope - the illusion that would restrain one from seeing what is really here.

The funny thing is that we all bought it and we stand for the Free Market/Capitalistic system by our Votes and by our silent ignorant. Do you really think that going out to the streets and scream for change would make any difference? You that goes to the streets serve a purpose to the Elite - they make more money so long as you are in the street. Do you really think that if you being in the street wasn't for the benefit of the Elite, the Elite would allow it? Really - time to wake up.


So - We must change the way we look at things and start seeing what is really going on behind the scene and stop the cycle of Ignorance. There is a safe, no harm solution for the problem in this world - Equal Money System that is based on the actuality of Human Rights. Instead of spending time on meaningless attempts to make a point in the streets, educate yourselves, study how can you practically make a change in this world that is worthwhile.


Our education system is faulty and you will not get the education you require to be an effective human being in this world - you must start looking outside the box and for that, we saved you the trouble - we have done and still doing extensive research that you can read and watch at your own time - make your life worthy and study what needs to be done to change this world to a world that is best for all.


Let's give everyone an equal opportunity in this world - Join us - Equal Money System


The Equal Life Foundation - Bill of Rights -


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