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Does your child really have a behaviour disorder? (Part 3) - Day 367

This is a continuation to Does your child really have a behaviour disorder? (Part 1) - Day 363 and

Does your child really have a behaviour disorder? (Part 2) - Day 364

where the main question asked is: Who is Responsible for our Children's Education?


In the previous blogs we walked through an example of how innocent playful time with our dogs while the child is observing and integrating the information the child sees, can lead the negative consequences when and as the parent doesn't make sure that the input the child is busy integrating is what is best for the child and within that, that the child actually integrated the information with a correct meaning that is not dependent on one's interpretation through one's mind but rather an integration of the physical reality as what it really is.


Unfortunately, the solution isn't as easy or simple within our current world system as the solution require a stable foundation from which we can expand our understanding regarding the relationship between the mind, the physical body and our beingness that at the moment, functions as separated entities yet, from a certain perspective equal as we have accepted and fully allowed the integration between the mind and the physical, the mind and the beingness and we have no idea or awareness of how we even had a free choice within it all.


One thing is certain, the solution isn't to label the children with behaviour problems and thus medicate them as this method has proven itself to not be effective or valid. Yes, there are cases where medication is required for a functional living however, in many cases, this can be prevented with a proper education both for the parents and the child. The "solution" of medicating the children benefits mostly the corporation that profit from the ignorance of parents that are misinformed and untrained to be an effective trainer of their children and as the results of the world educational system shows, neither the professional educators are effective in training children with the basic life skills.


Within this article: Children play their way to improved concentration one can see alternative treatment for children that where born to a life where their Natural Learning Ability was used ineffectively and/or incorrectly and as a result, have developed attention difficulties which by the medical and psychological industry, were supposed to be treated by Ritalin. The article shows a way to restore the Natural Learning Ability of a child to a level of slowly but surely building the child attention wherein, the child is actively participating in the process of becoming attentive and focus to themselves and their environment through a method called NeroFeedback. However note, this is again a treatment to the problem that has already manifested while a real solution would be to prevent the problem from even occurring.


Preventing the problem from occurring can only be established in a world where Corporate Profit is not the directive principle but rather the Value of Life is that would drives us to perfect ourselves and our society wherein Human Rights are practically applied on a global scale. Only then, we can ensure that the education system is what best for the child and within that, providing a support structure for the parents to stand as an example for the child. All of this can be done with the implementation of the Equal Money System which you can read all about it in the following websites:


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Equal Money Wiki

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and on YouTube


So - if you really and truly care about your child - investigate the possibilities of supporting yourself and your child to be the best that you can be instead of falling into the trap of the pharmaceutical industry that have only one objective in mind - to make profit even it is on the back (health) of your child.


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