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Becoming a Parent of all the Children in this world - Day 368



Full_ode-to-our-childrenA few days ago, it was the International Mothers Day and these 2 blogs came up online:

Day 379: Motherhood and Brainwashing

Day 301 - A Call to All Mothers


If you followed my blogs thus far, you would know that I'm not a mother and that my priority at the moment isn't Motherhood. As for myself, I've walked a process from being extremely possessed within the desire of having a child 5 years ago, to being extremely possessed  and believing that I do not want to be a mother until I got Here - to a point of equilibrium wherein when/if the point is here, I would look at the practicality of it and accordingly make a decision that is best for all.


Though, once I read these 2 blogs above I have realized that I am a mother; a mother of all children in this world because I now understand my responsibility as a human being with the ability and means to care-for and support all the children in this world and this is why I have made the commitment to do what is necessary to be done to bring about a world that is best for all and thus within that, best for all the children in this world.


When I talk with people that are already parents, there are these typical saying such as: "when you'll be a mother, you'll see things differently" or "You must experience giving birth" or "Only a mother can understand" and I'm sorry to break the News but I don't need to become a mother to value the value of Life and I don't need to become a mother to care about another human being. From my perspective, caring and loving a child only because it came out of me is a limited form of caring and loving because doesn't it make much more sense to be able to care and love any child, even if the child didn't come from your physical body? Doesn't it make sense to care also for a child that is not you own as Equal?


So now, I'm asking - if you as mothers understand what Care and Love is - wouldn't you want all children to be cared for and Loved? Now that you are mothers, you understand the bond a mother and a child has and that without this bond, the chances of a child to grow in a supportive environment is low isn't it? so if we do all understand how dependent a baby is on their mother, why are we all sit tight in our family nets instead of making sure that all children has the support that every child need? And that every child has the opportunity to feel safe, considered, cared for and Loved?


I'm sure you have realized by now that unless we do something, no one would as nothing within the current world system is trustworthy. The problem is that despite of us understanding that something needs to be done and that the solution wouldn't come from high above, we do nothing because we still hope that somehow, things will get better while the physical reality show us the direct opposite. However, the longer we wait, the more children suffer, the more children separated from their motherly bond, the more children are being abused and so - we cannot wait.


So - If you are in a position where your life style allows you to invest an hour or two per day to read all about the possibilities of changing the world to a place that is best for all, please make your time worthwhile and investigate how can YOU be the key, the Mother/Father of all the children in this world. These children are crying and screaming for us to take care of them, as the system failed  them and they have to bear the consequences and as such, they do not have anyone but us. The Equal Money System is the foundation from which Real Love and Care can birth from so let's make a stand and move towards a system that Value Life.


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