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Parents forced to leave their Children in day cares for 12 hours a day - Day 351



Yesterday I read an article that describes a disturbing phenomena that is busy accelerating in Israel and I'm pretty sure Israel isn't alone in this as the economic stress is worsening all over the world.

The phenomena is of parents having to leave their children for 12 hours a day for others to take care of their children, simply because the parents are running from one job to another, on their race for their family survival, just to have enough to live by. http://www.xnet.co.il/family/articles/0,14566,L-3100496,00.html?dcMaa=1.


The article also describes 2 types of Parents - those who choose to send their children to a 12 hours day care and those who are forced to do so. In this blog we are going to have a look at both types of parents to identify who is really to blame because our natural reaction would be that it is the parents free choice to make their decisions but here I'm saying - the parents or anyone else for that matter, do not really have a free choice. This I have already discussed many times before so I suggest reading through the blog series: the Desteni message and the Correction Process.


The first type of parents are those who Choose to send their children for a 12 hours day care. Here, we are mostly looking at parents who have placed greater value in their Career rather than raising their children. They have decided to follow their dream job and follow the path of money and the only way to do so is if they give all that they have got to climb the ladder of success even if it means that they have no time for their children. These parents are normally already well established from the perspective of having the funds to pay for a private day care.

Now, I'm aware that many would now cringe inside themselves to what I am about to say so take a breath before you read the next sentence: you don't get to blame, judge or have any form of nasty thought about these parents because the only reason they have made this choice is because  it is our current world system that encourage, support and push the people to make such decisions; it is the current world system that created the foundation for insane working hours in our race of accumulating more and more and more so that we could consume more and more and more. Here, I suggest watching the Century of the Self to see, realize and understand how we have been brainwashed into becoming consumerized robots through massive propaganda that was deliberately done by professional psychologists that have understood how the mind works and thus, exploited their understanding to instead of supporting with enhancing the mass to stand as a pillar of support in our society to become a limit version of dysfunctional human beings that move by our self interests and desires. 


The other type of parents are those who were forced to a life style of having to work in 2-4 jobs just to be able to survive and as a result, are also forced to leave their children in a public day care that is designed for cases such as these where the parents are struggling for their survival and have no one but the day care centres as an additional support structure.

And, there are those parents who are both Medical Interns for instance who have to stay in the hospital for 48 hours and they must leave their children because within this world system, these are the requirement that are accepted and allowed.

Those who even dare to speak the words: "so why the hell did they bring children to this world?" - you should be ashamed of yourself because again, you are shifting responsibility from seeing how you are directly responsible in accepting and allowing a world system where the majority is in constant survival mode while you have the luxury of having kids, a decent job and a support structure to assist with your children. If you didn't have it, you wouldn't have say/think such a thing.


So you see, the problem with both scenarios isn't the parents but the world system we have created where we abdicate of responsibility towards our children and the children of others within a Profit Driven system that filters out the majority of the people so that the few could have more for themselves.


So please - before you judge others, always look at your own responsibility and instead of judging, offer support, suggestions and solutions that would enable any parent to spend time with their children to be able to produce a child that is effective in all ways possible.

Investigate the solutions on the Equal Money website and stand as the solution instead of the problem.







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