Apr 26, 2013 | By: A Woman

The effectiveness of Brainwashing - Day 357


This is a continuation to my previous blog: The American Dream of Poverty - Day 356.


Me and a group of friends were talking today about America, Education and Poverty and one of the friends was sharing that he watched the documentary America's Poor Kids last night and he mentioned that even the poor kids in America have a computer that they are carrying from place to place with them. this was the point that I've realized how effective the brainwashing is within the documentary. I've mentioned this point in my previous blog however, with him saying it, I could see clearly the starting point of those who created the documentary and the effects the documentary would have on the American people.


I must admit, for a moment I fell into the trap when I watched the documentary - since the moment the girl had to let go of her dog because she couldn't take it with her after being evacuated from her home, a surge of tears came into my eyes and I accessed an emotional turmoil. I became angry, frustrated and sad for what these animals and kids have to go through due to our failing world system that is nothing close to the American Dream that was presented 82 years ago.


The moment my friend shared about the poor kids having a computer, was the moment when I connected the 2 points together and I saw that the reason they have chosen to present these specific families was because these families do not have the characteristic that would trigger our inner beast from actually standing up and say: "that's it, till here no further". These families have a roof and space to crash in, they have clothes, they have access to medical care and food and they even have some cool gadgets like a computer. These families, as poor as they are, do not represent the extreme poverty that maybe, just maybe, would trigger enough SHAME within ourselves from which we would actually stand up and start walking towards a substantial change.


Yes, the families presented in the documentary are experiencing great difficulties and struggle - that is a fact. Another fact is that their situation is far better than Millions of other Americans (not to mentioned the third world countries) that are literally on the streets in a day to day threating living conditions. But we won't see it in the media, we won't hear about it and we will make sure that we don't know about it because otherwise, OMG, we might actually have to step out of our comfort zone and take responsibility for what we as humanity have accepted and allowed to exists in this world.


So - it is time to develop Critical reasoning skills to not eat what the media is feeding us but instead, to question and investigate what is the real starting point, what is the actual problem and how it can be practically solved from its root core into a best for all solution.



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