Apr 7, 2013 | By: A Woman

900 Dolphins Slaughtered In Retaliation - Day 343



2 Years ago, I made a video response to the documentary: the Cove where I expressed my Anger towards the world system and what have been accepted and allowed. Looking back at the time I recorded the vlog, I see that I recorded it from the starting point of Blame and Anger rather than seeing my responsibility within this existence as a whole. I guess, it is easier to find faults in others, in something that is bigger than ourselves rather than realizing our accountability as the collective creators of a system that we now define as "something bigger from ourselves". (more on this point you can read in a recent blog post I wrote: Why Changing the World start with Self - Day 311)


Many who would read the article 900 Dolphins Slaughtered In Retaliation would react in blame and anger towards the people who acted upon their rage towards the system and projected/expressed their Anger through killing 900 Dolphins as an act of retaliation.

Others may blame the group who seized some of the funds that was supposed to reach the local community and some even blame the Government for not interfering; I mean really, if one is looking for the scape goat to blame, one will find it.


The point however, is not to find the blames but to immediately move to a correction and the corrections start with first understanding the core/root/source of the problems. As we can see 335,000$US is enough to stop the killing of Dolphins and provide the locals with dignified life that is not dependent on the harm of another. We have emphasized many times before that Money is the Root of all Evil as money is the tools through which we Decide/Dictate who lives and who dies and in this case, It is either the Locals or the Dolphins.


Thus, Once the Equal Money System is in place where Money, access to recourses, decent housing, health care, education, etc. is distributed and provided equally, there would be no incentive to retaliate or revenge the system as the system is based on a value that is so honourable, respectful and protected: Life that is best for all.

So - Let's stop complaining, blaming and finding faults in the another and instead, move to the correction as fast as we can to stop the unnecessary abuse of humans, animals and nature. Investigate the Equal Money System.


Here, I also suggest reading through another perspective on this article by Activist's Journey to Life: Day 343: Bays of Shame - Dolphins Murdered in the Name of Money.


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