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Investigate all things and keep that which is Best for all - Day 342

Continuing with the Question Who is Responsible for our Children's Education?


Another point that opened up while writing my previous blog is Critical Reasoning. To me, it seems that critical reasoning is almost non existent in this world and it is defiantly not something that is applied on our daily application.


Critical Reasoning/Thinking is the power to Question the information we have been exposed to and accordingly assess the authentically of the information, its alignments and validity within the Principle of That which is best for all or in other words: Investigate all things and keep that which is Best for all.


As children, we learn to accept/submit to our parents and as we grow older, we would either continue accepting/submitting to the Parental Authority or we would Reject it however, in both cases, we most likely wouldn't be able to explain in details our Decision processes in terms of the information that was available for us and our considerations when making a decision. Most likely that we would make irrational decision that is based on our Experiences, Emotions and Feelings rather than a practical common sense Decision that is based on the Principle of Investigate all things and keep that which is Best for all, which is anything but an irrational decision.


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As we grow up, we continue with our inherited pattern of Submitting/Rejection without our direct awareness - it has already become an absolute pattern we have accepted as ourselves, a pattern that we live as and by. We might change our frame of reference as our emotional/feeling body had absorb more memories and experiences however, in no way is our decision going to be based on reasoning thinking within the starting point of investigate all things and keep that which is best for all.


So then, we finish high school and start our lives in the world system with the same pattern of submitting or rejecting; here we would be more incline into submitting to the system as our survival depends on it. after all, we made sure we could maintain our pattern when we created the world system in the image and likeness of ourselves isn't it?


So - within it all, we were never actually taught/shown how to develop a critical reasoning. I mean, we might have been accepted and allowed the education system to brainwash us into believing that we are using our mind/brain to question and investigate new information but is it in fact so? Meaning, even when we apply critical reasoning, we do so within the frame of reference we have within ourselves which is again our memories, emotions and feelings that are based on our cultural/family design that we have accepted as ourselves and when we accepted it, we didn't investigated what is it that we are accepting did we?


Thus, Critical reasoning as the Power to Investigate all things and keep that which is Best for all implies that we must step out of our preprogram design and look at the greater picture and in that, all the relationships that are involved within any decision we would possibly make - who can be affected, what would be the possible outcomes, what are the risks, what are the benefits, is there any other options that are valid and aligned with the principle of what is best for all and if so than how? What can we adjust the point to stand within the Principle of Equality and that which is best for all?


If we start applying this method, changing ourselves and this world to a living experience that is best for all wouldn't be such a difficult task. The challenge however is to get ourselves to the point of absolute self honesty in terms of actually seeing the points above and take everything into consideration without our self interest as the directive principle but rather 'What is Best for All' as the directive Principle. That is not as easy as I would have liked it to be but it is possible and if you read through the hundreds of Journeys to Live writers, you would see that a change is possible if one dare and will oneself to change.


So to bring everything together - within the previous blog, I've shared my perspective about Psychology Experiments where I stated that according to my eye's view, psychological experiments are done without understanding the relationships of the Mind are dangerous since consequential outflows are not being considered in terms of a potential harm the experiment may have on the participants on a Quantum mind/Physical level. Now, when one is watching a documentary such as The Angry Eye: Jane Elliot, the immediate reaction would be of respect towards the experiment as it is showing a solution for a consequential world system such as Racism. Our emotions and feelings such as guilt, shame, anger is triggered when watching these types of documentaries and this is why, we would not question its validity in terms of the affect it has on the participants and the long term consequences it may lead them to. Furthermore, we would not question the source of the problem that created Racism in the first place but rather, accept racism as a status quo within our society and we would justify its existence with the saying: "the human nature cannot be changed" but as I've mentioned before, the journeys to Life writers prove that the human nature CAN change when one is making the directing decision to change through the principle of Investigate all things and keep that which is Best for all.






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