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Is Positive Propaganda the Solution? - Day 327



This is a response to a TED interview with Bono that I've watched today which I suggest you also do before you continue reading this blog: Bono: The good news on poverty (Yes, there's good news)


I truly believe that Bono has Good and Honest intentions at heart, I really do but unfortunately what Bono is Missing is a critical point and he is thus, perpetuating the Problem of Poverty instead of Eradicating the Problem like he protests he does. Let me explain -


According to Bono, Poverty will cease to exist in 2028 which is 15 years from now. In those 15 years, Millions of people would die from unnecessary death. And as I explained in my previous blog by Unnecessary Death I mean:


"...As you read these lines, people are dying from hunger; from diseases that could have been treated with Medical care which is not accessible for the majority of this world; From Consequences such as unpurified water for Drinking; From being caught up in a war zone simply because they were born to a world of Inequality etc. All of the above and many more causes, could have been prevented with a proper education for mankind to understanding what is really going on in this world and How we created it, our responsibility within it and what needs to be done to correct the current living condition that we face…"


What Bono is yet to understand is that Poverty is just the manifested outflow that rooted in the values that the Capitalistic System is based on and to Eradicate Poverty, encompassing change must be applied which can only start with the Education of Human Kind that would allow us to see directly what we have accepted and allowed to exist within this world, how we have abdicated our responsibility by accepting and allowing those in power and control to so easily brainwash us, becoming Consumerism Robots that would seek for Rewards while neglecting to consider the Consequences involved with our Desires for such rewards.


Yes, Poverty is a severe problem, I 100% Agree with Bono about that Fact but as I've mentioned before, Poverty is the result of the Rooted Problem of this Capitalistic System and thus, Eradicating Poverty can only be done with Providing these people and the rest of humanity with ways to Stand as the living Force of their Life which (within that,) implies Establishing Educational Facilities so that we could all grow, expand and empower ourselves; Building Health Care Facilities so that we could have the best medical Care;  the Best housing possible; the Best transportation available; the Best Clothing produced; the Best Communication providers (Internet, Phone, Mail); the Best Food produced by this earth; Meaning - Real Equality Implies that what you have, I will have - simple Common sense Equation really.


Another point that Bono brought up is the point of not walking this change through the political means. If we want an encompassing solution, it must be through the Political path as it is through Politics that we created the problem in the first place. We gave our power to the politicians to Regulate and Create Laws that Manifested Poverty. I suggest listening to Marlen Vargas Del Razo within her vlog: Bono: The Good News on Poverty - Really?  as she Discuss this point in specificity and explain why a change that is best for all must go through the Political Avenues.


Another point we can look at is the Celebrity and Charity Phenomena which I've expanded on within my blog:

Charities - Exposing the Problems - Continues - Day 296 .

We tend to believe the Celebrities and take their words as the Words of Hope especially when it comes to the 'Good' causes they promoting without actually questioning what is being said or promoted. Thus, I suggest to start developing Reasoning thinking through actually walking your own process of investigation to formulate your own perspective of what is really going on. Do not let your emotions and Feeling to misguide you but stick to Common Sense within the Principle of - Investigate all things and Keep that which is good.


So, I suggest to think this over and to Consider that 15 years is not Good news, it is very Bad news for those who have to physically suffer while waiting for us to move. I suggest placing yourself in their shoes to see if you would have liked to be forced to wait another moment, yet alone 15 years, for those with the means and ability to make a significant change in actually walking the change in applicable and physical manner.


We could Eradicate all the Problems in this world and Establish a world that is best for all Tomorrow - if we stand up together Today. Investigate the Equal Money System and stand as a Key for a world of Dignity and Integrity.


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