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Capitalism and Ignorance is Bliss - Consuming Kids - Solutions and Rewards (Part 4) - Day 320

Consumerism is the fear of happinessThis is a continuation to:

In my previous blogs, I was walking through the major problems in having Children as a Target for Advertisement and Marketing of 'Goods' and the Consequences that may emerge, individually and collectively if we accept and allow the continuation of such phenomena within a Profit Driven Capitalistic System as it designed and structured nowadays.
Within this Blog, I will present the Solutions to the Problems after we identified the Source/Core/Root cause of the Problem which is Greed and Desire for Money and thus Control.


We have a Conumerised Robots that would automatically and blindly follow the Ads that we are exposed to. Some of us have the Money to pay for such luxuries but the majority of us, can only dream of having the ability of participating in such luxuries and Leisure and within that, develop serious mental disorders such as extensive Imagination that may lead one to extreme forms of self abuse. The solution start with Education:

"..This is the first step and pivotal point to set the foundation for change in our world system, and this process has to be differentiated from any previous attempts to do so with no success, since the intellectualization of humanity only set moral codes for the Belief in Knowledge as a means to progress and better the living conditions in our society; but money was forgotten along the way of such ‘evolution’ that was only available for some, and an intellectual elitism is created from the restricted  access to such education, which has been a constant variable that determines humanity’s well being according to countries/ culture/ race, wherein only the ruling elite or religious authorities get the education they require according to the role and position they would become in society, which perpetuated the hierarchical system we’re existing in, proving that Education as the basic aspect toward creating an Equal society has not been considered at all,  until now…"

…"Education in an Equal Money System has the goal of giving each individual the support to discover their true passion and abilities, achieve a comprehensive understanding of how the world works and how to support life, and develop healthy relationships with themselves, others, and the world while playing an important part in maintaining a system that gives everyone the best Life possible on Earth. And – unlike in the current system – everyone will be Equally included in receiving such Support…"

With Proper Education, Human Consciousness couldn't be manipulated and therefor, the Principles of Equality and That which is best for all would be preserves for Generations to come despite of a Few that would try and attempt to manipulate and deceive to be able to maintain and restore their Power and Control Desires. Thus, Education is the most and foremost Tools that would assist and support on the Individual and Collective level, to Prevent the Problem to reoccur as through Education, one would see, realize and understand one's role within this world as a whole, one's responsibility and in that, see directly what would be the consequences of actions that are based on self interest and therefor, wouldn't accept and allow the abusive outflow to emerge and manifest within the world society as a whole.

In terms of Advertisements and Marketing in an Equal Money Capitalism System -
Remember, the Equal Money Capitalism System is based on Principles:
- Give as you would like to receive
- Do unto another as you would like to be done unto you
- Investigate ALL things and keep that which is good for All.
Within that, Profit will not stand as the Driven Force of our Existent but what will Stand as the Force with the utmost value is LIFE that is best for all. Within that context, the Products and Services that will be Produced and Manufacture are only those that support Life. With effective Distribution System, these Products and Services will be accessible for all. Therefor, the Entire filed of Advertisement and Marketing will cease to exists as Competition and Profit will no longer serve as the Starting point of one's making.

Marketing will take place for instance, when a new product (or service) was produced after a committee of professional assessed, checked and tested all the possible outcomes and outflows that the product and/or service may result with and thus, made sure that the product stands in alignment to the Equality and Best for all Principles. Then, the Product will be Marketed from the starting point of bringing the information to the awareness of the people. The information would include the Specific Detail of what the Product is, who was involved in the manufacture of the product, where can one receive the product and so on.

The Ads will be informative and specific and would include everything one require to know to be able to make informative decision in whether or not one require having the product for oneself as one would see, realize and understand that with every production of every product, some form of harm is caused to the world resources and therefor, if one does not require it, there is no real reason to get it just because one can get it in an EMC. The assessment tools for and as oneself will be part of the Education processes all will have access to and it is again perpetuating the necessity of reforming the Education as the first and foremost solution.


With Eradicating the Profit Driven Marketing Behaviour, the Mental and Physical problems I've mentioned in my previous blogs will dramatically decline and Physical Happiness could be finally achieved by all human on earth.

"...With this Education we deliberately integrate the living principle of equality within ourselves to always consider what is best for all, to give as one would like to receive, to cooperate with others to make of our reality a sustainable system, to honor nature as the life that it gives us, to enjoy a physical living expression that will no longer be taunted by ideals and images of ‘power’ and ‘wealth’ as we currently are taught to pursue in our family, schools and society, but instead follow living examples of what is possible when living is no longer only based on consumerism and a pursuit of happiness of a triumphant individualization through wealth and selective benefits, but instead based on the actual discovery of life that will be possible once out of our tunneled vision reality of fear and desires resulting on greed and hoarding as a synonym of happiness…"

We will no longer be the Sheep that blindly follow what our eyes sees, what was deliberately been exposed for us to see and accordingly we developed all kinds and types of mental disorders from Imaginations to physical self abuse.  

When one study what is being done onto us through OUR acceptances and allowances, one may stand up and call for a chance internally and externally. I urge you to start your process of REAL education to see, realize and understand what is really being done in this world and how we play a big part within it. it is time to stop the participation with that which do not support LIFE but instead, to stand up and Create the World that is based on Life as a Value that is respected, protected and honoured. That is my friends our responsibility to create as no one will create it for us. it is our responsibility to stand up and change because it was us who gave up our power as Life and gave it away for those who knew how to use what was already here to their self interest benefits. These people are not the one to blame - they are equally responsible. So let's take our responsibility and within that our power back to ourselves and create a world where abuse of power will be no more and Life that is best for all could be practically lived.


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