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Why Changing the World start with Self - Day 311

Going through the Principles of Capitalism as how it exists today, I've realized that the Capitalism System is the Equivalent to of a spoiled brat child. On the one hand, a spoiled child always wants more and they would manipulate and deceive to be able to get that which they Desire. On the other hand, when the child is caught doing something 'wrong' the child will justify why what the child did is ok and valid and if that won't work, the child would point fingers towards others that did something far worst. The very same system exists within and as those who justify the validity of the Capitalistic system as it exists today. The Elite would always want MORE for itself and when they caught of doing something wrong, they would blame and justify why what they did is far less worse than other political systems.


Then I asked myself, is it possible that the Capitalistic system is the image and Likeness of what we have become as the inner spoiled brat child we turned ourselves to exists as? Is the Capitalistic System the Mirror of what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become? Is the Capitalistic System the Birth of the Image and Likeness of its creators - of a society that exists according to the Principle of the survival of the fittest?


Then I realized and finally understood the saying: 'if you want to change the world, start with yourself'. Why?

If one look within and as oneself, one would see the inner spoiled brat Child that always wants more and would compete to get what one want even if it means that one would hurt another to do so. Yes, not everyone will go to the extreme of hurting another but then again, if we in self honesty look within our secret mind thoughts, we would notice a fascinating thing - we would judge, resent, blame and spite the other if we didn't get what we wanted. If we do something that is not acceptable according to the world's view, we will lie to protect ourselves or we would justify why what we did is valid and ok and when that won't work, we will find the scapegoat which we could blame and rarely we would take responsibility for what we have done and even then, not necessarily walk the correction and prevention process but rather cover it up with a quick fix solutions which would leave us with the temptation to follow our desires again.


See the similarity to the world system? It is exactly the same - the Elite of this world with the money and power that always wants more, always compete to get what they want even if it means they would hurt others in the process. If they get caught, they would first lie, then they would try to justify their actions/behaviours and when nothing works, they would find others to blame however they would never take absolute self responsibility to correct and prevent the problem.


So, is it possible that we created a system in the image and likeness of ourselves? Is it possible that the same as we gave up our power to our minds to guide, lead, control and enslave us, we have given up on our power as Life within this world system to be guided, Led, controlled and enslaved by Capital, power and Control? It is - the physical evidence speaks for itself. What does that imply? That for the system to change, we must change the values we accept and allow ourselves as individuals to exists within and as and thus, as we change ourselves, we would be able stand up and do not accept and allow a system that is less than the Values we stand for and as. 


Now, what would be the Value that we must consider when changing ourselves and this world as a whole? The only Real Value I could find was/is LIFE that is best for all lives. Meaning, Once we change the Principle we direct ourselves as and Move from Survival mode to Give as YOU would Like to Receive, Investigate all points and Keep that which is Good and of course, love your neighbour as yourself, wouldn't we create a world that is based on these principles? Wouldn't that be a beautiful world to live in? isn't it a world you would like to leave to your children? I most certainly am.


So we Presented a solution for the Creators as ourselves and the Creation of ourselves and the world system:

The DIP Lite/Pro course for the future Creators of a world that is best for all and the Equal Money System as the Creation of a world that is best for all, created by the Creators.


It is time to realize our responsibility as the Creators of ourselves and this world as a whole so that we can finally walk the correction and Prevention required to ensure a Life that is best for all and thus, best for ourselves. Educate yourself to understand why and how the Mind is the exact Mirror of this world system and why through changing ourselves as the Mind, we are able to Change this world as a whole.



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