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Charities - Exposing the Problems - Continues - Day 296


This is a continuation to:

Charities - Exposing the Problems - Day 295

Charity and Activism - why is it a Capitalistic Scheme - Part 1 - Day 294


Problem No.3

PR in Disguise


I was watching today the Documentary - Why Poverty - Give us the Money where it primarily shows how Celebrities have used their power to become the voices of Poverty in this world and specifically Bob Geldof and Bono which I see their standing to be Genuine and not a PR point they are taking advantage of like many other celebrities which I will be revealed in my next blog.


In the Documentary, they showed how the Celebrities were able to go high in the chain of Power and get them to agree to 'Forgiveness Debt' in Africa. Forgiveness Debt within the Context of this world system of greed, power and Control is not really a solution but rather a 'charity act' or shell we say a PR act of the World's leader. Why?


The Debt Africa has to the US is not even real; if you have read 'Confession of the Economical Hitman' book, you would be able to understand how debt of developing countries to the US were created, how it was manipulated into a complete dependency of the Developing countries on the US and why "Helping" Developing countries from the US perspective is nothing Genuine but rather, excuses to take over and control the developing countries natural resources. 


So within that context, Debt Forgiveness of Africa, is an act of deleting a Number from a paper that was never real to result with an outcome of Good PR. A real Forgiveness Debt is what the Equal Money System is all about - Eradicating all DEBT but also, restructuring the countries in developing schools, health centres, Water purification, jobs creation and so forth. Deleting debt without making sure the country is able to self sustain itself isn't the solution and it has been proven with Africa/America relationship.


Same thing with Charities - Giving Money to the Poor may be a very short temporary solution but it is in no way going to eradicate poverty to its ultimate encompassing solution. I mean, Commonsensically -

Let's say a homeless has a million Dollar worth of debt in the bank, and let's say we forgave him for his debt. Is this homeless life is going to change in anyway? No - he still doesn't have a place to live, food to eat, health care or access to education to be able to get a skill that would enable him to have a job. Therefor, as time passes by, the homeless will create a new debt to be able to feed himself.


This is why, forgiving Africa's debt will not change anything but prolong the suffering of many that has no real opportunity to be and become something in this world and if anything, Africa's debt will continue to grow exactly as I showed with the homeless analogy.


An Encompassing Solution is quite easy to implement as I would show you in a few blogs to come, after I show all the major problems within and as the concept of Charity and Philanthropy.


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