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The Dark Side of Capitalism - Poverty (Part 3) - Day 306

This is a continuation to my Previous blogs:

Where I mentioned that we are going to:
have a look at the Principles the Current Capitalistic System is based on and how the Current Capitalistic System that Promote abuse in this world had been advertised and "sold" for us to accept and allow the system without ever questioning its validity.
For this, we will look at the Questions and Answers published on the website - Capitalism.org to show the Problems that currently exist and accordingly, present solutions to correct the Manifested consequences and the Rewards of implementing the Equal Money Capitalism System.

Within this blog, we are going to look at the following Question and Answer:

The Problem:

"Capitalism did not create poverty, but it inherited it. Far from being a cause of poverty, laissez-faire capitalism is the only solution to solving it.
Observe that the freedom that a rich man needs to maintain and add to his wealth, is the same freedom a poor man needs to create his wealth — and the creation of wealth for both, has the same root — reason. The only requirement of reason from the state is entirely singular in principle: freedom, that is, the banishment of the initiation of force from all social relationships. Yet, this is precisely the freedom that the “humanitarians” do not wish to give either of them, since this “right” to freedom and liberty, can only come at the expense of the alleged humanitarian’s “might.”
“Those humanitarians who claim to help the poor, but oppose capitalism, do not really have the interests of the poor in mind.” [AR paraphrase I think, need to check.]
Since all men are free to create wealth under capitalism, no one is forced into poverty, as in non-capitalist countries. In a capitalist country, the only poor are those who choose to remain so of their own free-will (such as many of the “back to nature” types who wish to live like hippies).
Keep in mind that the moral justification of capitalism is not the it serves the “needs of the many”, but that it protects the rights of every individual — in particular, it protects the individual from the “many” (majority). Capitalism is not egalitarian, nor “compassionate”; Capitalism is just."

Freedom is a word that has been abused within the concept of Capitalism to sell the ideal of capitalism to the masses. When looking into depth at the application of Freedom within this current Capitalistic System, there is no Freedom whatsoever but only a perceived idea of freedom that can be bought through and by Money. While the creation of Wealth for those who already have Wealth is to gain more Power and Control and the ability to afford luxuries, for the Poor, it is about survival, not about wealth. Here again, the Value is given to Wealth instead of having the Value of Life as the most honoured, protected and respected Value. Wealth is Promoted as a mean to gain Freedom while Freedom as wealth is not Equally distributed in terms of, as I've mentioned in my previous blog, those who came later to the Monopoly game which is equal to this world system, will not have access to wealth and as such Freedom under the capitalistic system.

If one really investigates and study America's Responsibility in ensuring the existent of non Capitalistic countries, one would find the shocking truth that no one with power and control would like you to know.
Most of the world, suffers from the consequences of Capitalistic America and as a result, Billions of people are facing the Dark side of the Manipulated Capitalistic System in their Flesh. To Understand America's responsibility within it all, I suggest reading the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man where it explain in details how America made sure that the 3rd world countries will stand no chance and as such, would always be captive under America's spell. It is quite disturbing that most of us have no clue about the real detail of Capitalism as it exist today which perpetuate the reason why none of us stand up to correct the system and restore the system to a system that is based on the Value of Life that is best for all.

The Current Capitalistic System DO NOT protects the individual unless the individual has money. I mean, look around you - do you really see the benefits of the Capitalistic system as it exists now?  Do you really see that the individuals are protected in this world? Because if you do see benefits and protection than let me assure you that you are completely separated from this reality and thus Prison in your own mind within your justified illusion of self interest because this reality, is abusive for the majority of mankind and if you cannot see it, it is only because you accepted and allowed the capitalistic system because if fit with your ideas, opinions and beliefs that are based on your desires and egotistic views of what Life is.

The poor, do not choose to remain poor - they have no choice, they have no access to resources, to jobs, to food and no matter how they decide to assist and support themselves to step out of poverty, they would face the same result again and again - they stand no chance within this current capitalistic system that we cherish so much as it gives us the opportunity to have momentary moments of happiness that only money can buy.
To understand why the poor stand no chance, I suggest watching the documentary:  Why Poverty - 740 Park Avenue.

In this, the problems are actually based on our accepted and allowed pursue of Happiness while neglecting the Value of Life that is best for all because it is only through our acceptance and allowance that abuse such as this can be created and manifested. The problem isn't existed in capitalism; it is how we define Capitalism to serve our own self interest that is the problem. And 'We' are those who have just enough to be able to stand up and move the change that is required in this world to ensure all living being have absolute freedom to move and express themselves in this world. That freedom implies not only access to resources; it is also health care, education, housing, safety and so on. So the question is - are we going to sit back and watch the continuation of consequences of the current capitalistic system or are we going to stand up and align the system to a system that support, protect and honour all living beings? We decide.

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