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The Dark Side of Capitalism - Poverty (Part 4) - Day 307

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Maya H (3)Where I mentioned that we are going to:

have a look at the Principles the Current Capitalistic System is based on and how the Current Capitalistic System that Promote abuse in this world had been advertised and "sold" for us to accept and allow the system without ever questioning its validity.

For this, we will look at the Questions and Answers published on the website - Capitalism.org to show the Problems that currently exist and accordingly, present solutions to correct the Manifested consequences and the Rewards of implementing the Equal Money Capitalism System.


Within this blog, we are going to look at the following Question and Answer:


The Problem


"What of those who cannot truly help themselves?

The few individuals in a capitalist society who are incapable of taking care of themselves — such as the retarded, crippled, and orphans (which are a small and tiny minority in any free country) — are provided for through voluntary means, i.e., private charity."


See, here is another example of the Status Queue we have accepted and allowed within and as this world. If we look at the design of Orphans and why Orphans exists is in most cases a direct connection and relationship with the inability to afford the life of the child and therefor, the parents that have no substantial support in this world, would rather give up their child within the hope they would receive a better opportunity in their life than keeping the child, knowing the life the child would have.

So what have we done within the Capitalistic System? Instead of making sure that we all take Equal Responsibility for each and every child in this world and thus, decide upon a system that would support a life of each human being from birth till death, we shifted the responsibility towards Volunteers and Private Charity and Excused ourselves from our Responsibility towards and of Life.


In my Previous blog Series with regards to Charity, I've shown in detail why and how Charity is in no way the solution and yet, it is promoted and advertised as a 'Good' thing without realizing it is THE thing that perpetuate the world's problem because it provide a back door for us to not take responsibility and change the world system to a system that consider, respect, protect and honour all Life Equally.


So instead of Questioning why the Design of Orphans exists in this world and within that, why we have accepted and allowed it to manifest to begin with, we cover up the problem with Charities and Donations without looking for a solution that would Eradicate the existent of Orphan children where each child will grow up in a cared and caressed environment with a parent to look up for the child. It is Doable - in an Equal Money System.


Now, with regards to the Question and Answer above - is another example of how such an important question is NOT being answered in absolute detail and specificity. For starter, there are MANY human beings that truly cannot help themselves in this world and that include not only the 7 Billion people that lives under 2$ per day but also the Elderly Human Being in this world that are dependent on social security or on their families if they are lucky, to take care of them. Most of them, if they do not have the funds to be able to live in a private elderly institutions, finds themselves in their death beds in the most crucial and outrageous condition no human being should experience. That again, can only exists within a system that is based on Inequality, Inhumanity and Disrespect for Life such as the Current Capitalistic System as it exists now.


Obviously, this topic is not to be disregarded and dismissed but rather, take into absolute consideration and accordingly, we must walk towards unconditionally solution that would prevent one from not being able to help themselves due to the unacceptable world system we exists within and as.


The Solution


First and foremost - we must do our research to understand the extent of the Problem presented in the Question:

"What of those who cannot truly help themselves?" and in this, to understand the core/root/cause of the problem so that from there, we could come up with a practical solutions for each and every individual case.


In General, within an Equal Money System, where each human being is taken cared for, from birth till Death, the problem as it is exists today would decrease dramatically. However, that is not the absolute solution since the problem is multidimensional problem that individual solutions must be established in making sure we Prevent the problem from reoccurring again.

When the time comes, I will walk in detail each and every aspect mentioned in this blog to reveal the Current problems and the specific Solution that can practically be applied within an Equal Money System.


The Reward


Place yourself in the shoes of the parents that have to give up their child because they  cannot give the child the life every child should have. Now, Place yourself in the Shoes a 6 months pregnant mother that knows she must give up her child and imagine her Experience. However now, tell this Mother that the World System had changed and she is now supported, as well as her child for the rest of her life - Imagine her Experience when realizing she is no longer living a life of Survival and can actually Live a life that is worthwhile. Can you see the Reward now?







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